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How to plant a family pallet garden

Whether you’re short on space and yearn to grow a vertical urban garden or are looking for raised garden options, a pallet garden is an easy way to start a family patch. From what you need to how to maintain, find out how to plant a family pallet garden.

Planted pallet garden

What you’ll need:

  • Heat-treated pallet
  • Landscaping paper or gardening fabric
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Enriched potting soil
  • Gardening gloves
  • Non-toxic plants and seeds

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What you’ll do:


Step 1

Recycled pallet garden pallet

Whether you’re using an upcycled pallet for your raised garden or are purchasing one fresh from the lumber yard, be sure that you only use a pallet made from heat-treated wood to reduce the likelihood of pests and bacteria that can contaminate your food. In cases when a heat-treated pallet is not available, opt for colorful, non-toxic flowers and plants that won’t be making their way to your family dinner table instead.


Step 2

Covered back of pallet

Once you get your pallet home, give it a good once over with a pressure washer or a soap and hot water solution. Allow to dry overnight. Now that your pallet is dry, lay it face down and stretch your landscaping paper or gardening fabric across the back, sides and up to the front of the pallet to help keep the dirt inside your urban garden as well as keep weeds at bay. Fasten securely with your staple gun.


Step 3

Pour potting soil on pallet

Next, place your pallet where you want your family garden to be — face up — with consideration to how much sunshine each of the plants you’ve chosen will need. Then, fill your raised garden with potting soil, pushing the dirt between and under the top planks so that the dirt almost reaches the top of your boards. Brush the excess soil off the planks in between the slats.


Step 4

Pallet garden planted

Finally, let your children help you plant your non-toxic seeds, herbs, vegetables or flowers between the open slats of your pallet garden and give it plenty of water and tend until your family garden flourishes!

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Quick tip

When considering what to plant in a family pallet garden, choose non-toxic plants that will take your children’s senses on a ride. Opt for textures like lambs ear, scents like lavender, and colors like pansies and your raised garden will keep your kids interested for seasons to come!

Image credit: Michelle Maffei

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