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Boy and girl combo party themes

Whether you have twins with different tastes in birthday party themes or have siblings of different genders and are looking for neutral party themes, these ideas will get your party planning started right! From big screen movie bashes to pirate parties, discover five boy and girl combo themes.


Swim party

Swim party

It’s easy to dive into fun with a pool party-themed bash for both boys and girls alike, especially since kids won’t want to do much more than swim like fish! Just serve blue punch as “pool water” and set out simple snacks like licorice straws for pool noodles and fish-shaped crackers for kids to munch on between cannonballs into the pool. Then, send kids home with their own water cannon squirters to thank them for making your kids’ combo party a splash!


Movie party

Movie party screen

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Set the stage for a big screen bash with a gender-neutral party theme that brings the fun of the movies to your home. Mount a movie marquee-style sign featuring the names of your birthday kiddos to the front of your house, roll out the red carpet and velvet ropes and set up a paparazzi-style photo booth. And, no trip to the movies would be complete without concession stand fare such as popcorn and hot dogs or nachos. Finally, set up an outdoor movie screen and project a kid-friendly flick to wrap up your boy and girl party theme that’s sure to be a birthday box-office hit.

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Superhero combo birthday party

Superman cookies

Image source: Charming Treats 4 You

For kids who love comics, creating an epic boy and girl party theme is sure to be a hit with any dynamic birthday duo! Make capes adorned with the letter of each guest’s name made from felt, fabric or heat-transfer paper. Set up a craft station where kids can decorate their own superhero birthday party mask. Picking games for a gender-neutral superhero party is easy when you base each game on a different superhero’s power. Finally, decorate with comic book pages any way you can, such as comic book paper bunting or comic book words like “pow!” and “bam!” printed on cardstock or even on cookies!

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Circus birthday party

Circus party

Turn your home into a three-ring circus with this gender-neutral party theme! This big top bash wouldn’t be the same without popcorn and cotton candy, big, silly hats and lots of red and white crepe paper decorations. And, don’t forget to create party games that mimic classic circus shows, like jumping through a “flaming” hoop or walking a low-beam “high wire” to earn tickets for prizes.


Pirate-themed party

Pirate party

To throw a combo boy and girl pirate party, lay out eye patches and bandanas to help each guest get in the pirate spirit before sending them off on a scavenger hunt with pirate maps in hand. Then let them dig for buried treasures in large bins filled with sand and pirate booty. Finally, make the youngsters “walk the plank” to earn cupcakes adorned with pirate sails before shoving them off for home!

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Whether your party theme is gender neutral or you find a combo birthday party theme that works for both boys and girls, consider giving each child his and her own cake. But, when planning and choosing a boy and girl combo party theme, keep in mind that the goal is to make sure everyone has a good time. “The secret to a good mixed party is to consider the needs of both of the sexes when designing games and activities, the ‘run around like wild’ type of game for the wild bunch, and some games that may be more ‘stay in one place’ for the less actively inclined,” offers Lynn Jawitz, owner of Florisan NYC. “That way both sets of guests can come home and say, ‘I had fun!'”

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