10 Tips for taking your daughter to get her ears pierced

Sep 19, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Whether she's been begging to have her ears pierced since her BFF got hers done a few months ago or you're taking your baby girl to get her ears pierced (before she realizes that it's going to hurt!), these tips will be helpful.

Girl getting ears pierced

Brace yourself, moms! This experience could be more painful for you than for her!


Try the buddy system

While you might not be that excited about your daughter's BFF tagging along for this milestone mother-daughter moment, bringing a buddy when she gets her ears pierced might boost your daughter's confidence... or at least, her bravado. After all, there's no way that she's letting her friend tell the entire fifth grade class that she chickened out at the last minute!


Bring along distractions

If you're bringing your little one to have her ears pierced, make sure you pack a few surprises to keep her distracted while she's in the chair. Lollipops work wonders, as does a new little toy that she can play with to keep her hands busy while they prep her ears. If she is still young enough to love a pacifier or special blanket, bring it along to comfort her afterwards, if necessary.


Consider your location

For some girls, a busy, stimulating mall is the perfect place to have her ears pierced — the hustle and bustle will keep her mind off the event and likely carry her through any anxiety. For other girls, a quiet, more private location could be best. Research salons that pierce ears, or stores that have a special ear-piercing station in the back or in a private room.


Give your doc a call first

Many pediatrician offices are now piercing ears! Ariana, mom of two daughters, ages 10 and 12, shared that having her daughters' ears pierced was not only safe, but done in the comfort of a location that her girls were already comfortable with. "I was so pleased with the experience," she tells us. "I felt that our doctor took so much more time and care with the piercing than a stranger would have." Keep in mind that if your pediatrician doesn't pierce ears, you can likely go to one in the area that does, without them being your child's primary care doctor.


Plan for last-minute bribery

Before you go, think of a last-minute bribe that will keep her from jumping ship. For many girls, getting their ears pierced seems like a great idea... until the piercing gun is inches away from their face! Whatever it may be — ice cream afterwards or a trip to her favorite book store or an extra 30 minutes of screen time — have it in your mind and ready to launch!


Send in reinforcements

Let's face it moms, there are some parenting moments that were made for dads and, as much as you'd like to be by her side as she gets her ears pierced, it may be a good idea to send Dad. Or, maybe you can both go and let Dad take the lead in getting her settled for the big moment.


Flashback to the teething days

Moms who have been through ear piercing with their own daughters were all too happy to share this little secret that will take you back to your days with a teething baby. "Put some Orajel on her earlobes!" Riley, mom to a daughter who had her ears pierced a few months ago, at age 10, shares. "It seemed to take about 10 minutes before it really felt numb." Another mom, Sam, says that whether or not it actually worked to numb her daughter's lobes was up in the air, but it worked to calm her nerves. "I have no idea if it helped with the pain or not, but it seemed to comfort my daughter to think that it would hurt less, so it did."


Keep it real

Moms who have had their ears pierced know that it's not the worst pain in the world (hello, childbirth anyone?), but it does hurt a little bit. Be honest with your daughter about how it feels, by describing the procedure itself (call ahead to make sure you have the details right!) and that she will feel a pinch when the piercing actually happens. Whatever you do, don't tell her that it doesn't hurt at all!


Get suckered in

Half of the battle with getting your daughter's ears pierced is keeping them clean and infection-free, post-piercing. And, considering you still have to battle her to brush her teeth before bed every night, the writing is on the wall — it's not going to be easy to take care of her ears. While likely overpriced, if you buy the cute, brand-name, ear-cleaning products that they sell where she got her ears pierced, it can work in your favor. Your daughter will probably use the hot pink, peace-sign covered bottle of cleaner instead of a boring bottle of cleaner that you picked up at the drugstore.


Practice post-piercing patience

Waiting six to eight weeks to change your earrings after having them pierced can be more painful than the piercings themselves! As soon as you get home, have her make something to tick off the days — a paper chain works great, as does a calendar where she can cross off the days, one by one.

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