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Soleil Moon Frye talks Punky, motherhood and back-to-school fashions

Soleil Moon Frye is all grown up and raising her own two little Punky Brewsters!

Soleil Moon Frye and daughters

The actress and mom chatted with us about growing up in the public eye, as well as her favorite back-to-school fashions and traditions that her daughters Poet and Jagger love.

Soleil Moon Frye is busy doing what many of us moms are doing this time of the year — back-to-school shopping! It’s hard to believe that Frye, who rose to fame in the 1980s when she played the hit role of Punky Brewster at age 7, is a mom of two daughters (Poet, 7 and Jagger 5), as well as an author. (Did we mention her daughters look exactly like Punky Brewster mini-mes?) The 37-year-old also had the foresight to open an organic clothing specialty shop in 2007 called The Little Seed — before organic and eco-friendly clothing were “in” style.

We chatted with Frye about her favorite back-to-school goodies (she’s the new Target Mommy Ambassador!) and growing up Punky.

SheKnows: Tell me about your summer! Did you take any fun trips?

Soleil Moon Frye: We’ve been mainly doing a staycation this year. Lots of little adventures close by. We’re taking the kids to New York City before the end of summer and we’re really excited!

Jagger - Soleil Moon Frye's daughterSK: I can’t believe we are talking about back-to-school already! What do you do to help get your kids excited and ready for back-to-school?

SMF: I know! It’s crazy — the summer really flew by. But everyone in our household is excited about going back to school. It’s always an exciting time, getting back into a routine.

The night before school starts, I always have my daughters put on a mini-fashion show with their outfits they’ll wear on the first day of school. It’s a great way to bring the whole family together while giving my girls a boost of confidence. I also try to revamp a study area for my girls to get them excited about hitting the books again and re-energized about the new school year.

SK: Do you have any first day of school traditions?

SMF: On the first day of school, I love to make lunches for the girls. It’s one of my favorite mommy things to do. I’m sure I’ll take lots of photos since it’s Jagger’s first time going to kindergarten and Poet is starting second grade.

When we’re all together at home after school we talk about the day and all of their adventures, the friends they’re meeting, what their favorite part of the day was, and what they’re most excited about this year.

Elephant-print backpackSK: What are your top product picks for back-to-school?

SMF: I have my eye on Target’s adorable backpacks that come with accessories. I love their elephant-print backpack with matching headphones ($30). It’s so bright and fun. My girls are super excited about Target’s backpacks.

I also love the variety of animal-themed accessories this year. They’re so cute! Jagger is going to love their owl lunch kit ($11).

SK: I grew up loving your show Punky Brewster. What would you tell your kids if they wanted to start acting?

SMF: As long as they are following their passions and hearts, doing what they love, I’m all for it. So if they want to sing or act or write or design, I’ll encourage them every step of the way.

SK: What were your favorite memories from the show?

SMF: I have so many great memories. Doing Punky was truly like playing make-believe. Every day was an adventure and it was an incredibly special time.

SK: Was it hard growing up in the public eye on the show? Do you think celebrity kids have it harder today?

SMF: I was really grateful to have an incredible foundation. I think growing up is hard no matter what and it’s important to have people around that support you.

Leggings from TargetSheKnows: I know you have a love of fashion and even co-founded your own clothing line, The Little Seed. What trends do you see your kids wearing this school year?

SMF: My girls love bright colors and they each have their own sense of style. They’re both very opinionated about what they want to wear. One of my favorite fashion looks for girls that you can find at Target is the Circo Girls’ Leopard Print Leggings ($7). I think uniqueness and originality is going to be big this year!

Also, a great way to freshen things up for the fall is to mix existing pieces with new. Jagger wears a lot of clothes that Poet has grown out of, and we’re big on reusing in our household. I also love accessories to mix it up! Cute headbands and other accessories are a fun way to incorporate new trends in an inexpensive way.

Glitter is big with my girls, so we’ll be sure to mix in a little sparkle when we accessorize. Some of my favorites this year are the Xhilaration Girls’ glitter belts ($8.99-$9.99) and Xhilaration Glitter Headbands ($4.99).

SK: Do you see any more kids in your future?

SMF: I would love more kids! I’ve always wanted a big family.

SK: I love your website and all the fun crafts you do with your kids! What are your favorite crafts to do together?

SMF: We love crafting and did a lot of it this summer! I’m so excited to have our site to share these great crafts. We’re also launching our app, Moonfrye, in late August. I think you’ll love it. I hope you’ll try it out!

Soleil shared these favorite crafts from her website:

Poet - Soleil Moon Frye's daughterSK: I love the names of your daughters! What is the story behind them?

SMF: Poet was a name that my husband and I loved early on. On Father’s Day, as we were debating names, we saw a quote that was by Edgar Alan Poe and a sign next to it that said poet and we decided it must be fate.

Jagger was a name that we loved from the beginning. She always felt very strong in my belly and we wanted a strong name that we both loved.

Check out Soleil’s daughter Poet as she shows off her favorite fashions in Target’s #KidsGotStyle back-to-school campaign. Find out how you can Instagram your own kids’ style and a Target stylist will create a custom “Stylagram” for you!

Images courtesy of Soleil Moon Frye

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