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Chevron-inspired room decor for babies and kids

Chevron. Zigzag. Missoni-inspired. Whatever you want to call it, it’s in and it’s sticking around. Extend your love of chevron print into your baby’s nursery or child’s room with these super fun items. It’s easy to add just a pop of chevron to their existing room decor or, you can create an entire zigzagged explosion in their room, if you’re just getting started on the design. But beware, a little chevron goes a long way, moms!


Bright & bold

Bright & bold chevron decor for a kid's room |

We’re not suggesting that you take all of these bright, bold chevron pieces and throw them together into one room design — but if you’re looking to add a fun pop of zigzag to your child’s room, any one of these will take you a long way!

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Keeping it subtle

Subtle chevron decor for a kid's room |

Just because you love a little chevron, doesn’t mean that you want to shout it from the rooftops, right? Check out these more low-key prints that are a sweet way to add chevron to their room, without making yourself — or your kiddo — dizzy.

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All about baby

Chevron decor for a baby's nursery |

Oh, baby! One of the best parts about designing your baby’s nursery is that they aren’t old enough to tell you their opinion yet! So, if you love chevron, now is the time to add it to your little one’s room or room-to-be. Fingers crossed that they’ll learn to love your obsession with zigzag decor!

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