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Tools to keep mommy sane

What mom hasn’t wished for 10 extra pairs of hands, magical devices and all-natural solutions for fussy kids and stress? Whether you have a baby or teens — or kids in between — every mama needs a little help. Keep your sanity with a few tools and tricks of the trade.

Must-haves for the multitasking mom
Multi-tasking mom

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry — SheKnows has done your homework for you!

Let’s look at this from a day-in-the-life perspective. It’s Monday morning, so of course everyone is running late. Your first grader is whining because last week, that little crab apple Tommy took his juice at recess.

Your toddler is screeching because she can see the last drops of milk in her sippy cup but she can’t… quite… get to them. And of course the baby started teething last night (around 2:47 a.m., in fact) and is now eyeing the windowsill that you’re sure was built in the ‘60s.

Take a deep breath! We’ve got this!

Now follow these directions and never have another Monday like this one. OK, we’re lying. You’ll have the occasional bad Monday, but we can at least solve for some existing crises!

Mommy first!

Listen! You are in flight, this is an emergency and you need to affix the oxygen mask to yourself before you can help anyone else! Grab a fashionable Emi-Jay Hair Tie and whisk your hair back like Jennifer Aniston for a night on the town.


Now, about that T-shirt and yoga pants… it’s OK! We just need to accessorize a bit, which will tackle two of your dilemmas — a lack of color and that cute, screaming, teething baby on your hip. Toss on some Chewbeadssoft, non-toxic jewelry that’s colorful, chic and safe! You’ll look trendy while baby chomps in blissful silence. We had you at “silence,” didn’t we?

A little help!

Sanity savers for moms

Toddler solutions

OK, head back to the kitchen. Remember, you’ve got this! First, junior is about to miss the bus, so grab an Orbit label and make sure no one can ever claim his juice again. Junior will especially love the personalized touch — his own smiley face from mom!

Now, about that bellowing toddler with droplets of milk in her sights. Woman, you need a Lollacup. While you want to feel good that it’s made in the good old U.S.A., you find yourself ecstatic that its weighted straw allows little pumpkin to drink up the last few drops of whatever that is your husband poured in her cup.

We’re not judging.

Effortless errand time

With the kids off to school and preschool, it’s time to run errands. Before the day tosses you any more hang-ups, do not forget to pack your Mighty Handle.

This sleek, sturdy handle will get you from the grocery store to the car, all while protecting your manicured, slender digits from losing all circulation from the weight of the 13 plastic bags you know you’ll try to carry in one hand while babycakes clings to your hip (and those Chewbeads) like there’s no tomorrow. Now, isn’t that exhausting just to consider?

You made it!

Finally home at last, it’s time to relax and unwind. Pamper your baby in Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash, an organic, all-natural blend that contains no detergents, artificial foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, dyes or fragrances.

With your wee ones mesmerized by the calming lavender scent, take a moment to reflect on your superhero skills today. You did it! You solved problem after problem.

Now, indulge your belly (yep, we noticed that pregnancy test in your bag) with some Earth Mama Body Butter and slip into a sweet slumber. Superheroes need their rest — tomorrow will bring a new set of challenges!


Got your own sanity savers? Share in the comments below, because can’t we all use more sanity?

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