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Cool baby names from Grey’s Anatomy

The popular medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up for its 10th season, and for us fans, there are plenty of quality baby names to find amongst the show’s characters.

Grey's Anatomy baby names

What began in 2005 as a new and different spin on a medical TV series, Grey’s Anatomy has resonated with viewers and will be launching its 10th season this month.

The show revolves around the lives of surgical interns and residents and follows them as they evolve into seasoned doctors, and their intertwined personal lives make for fascinating entertainment.

Names from the show

The names of the doctors and other characters from the show are, for the most part, very modern and even progressive. There are many names that are traditional, such as Margaret and George, but other names are really interesting, such as Calliope and Thatcher. The names aren’t so unique that they will be easily identified as coming from the show, but it may remind another fan of the series if they hear your child’s name in passing.

You can find names of many genres here. Arizona is cool and trendy, Miranda is Shakespearean and the Irish name Finn has gone from the 835th spot on the Social Security Administration’s popularity charts in 2000 to number 291 in 2012.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you may just find your favorite baby name nestled amongst the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy baby names for girls

  • Alexandra: Dr. Lexie Grey, a surgical resident
  • April: Dr. April Kepner, a trauma surgical fellow
  • Arizona: Dr. Arizona Robbins, chief of pediatric surgery
  • Calliope: Dr. Callie Torres, orthopedic surgeon
  • Cristina: Dr. Cristina Yang, cardiac surgical fellow
  • Ellis: Meredith’s mother
  • Erica: Dr. Erica Hahn, a cardiac surgeon
  • Isobel: Dr. Izzie Stevens, a surgical resident
  • Lucy: Dr. Lucy Fields, an OB-GYN
  • Margaret: Dr. Margaret Campbell, a general surgeon
  • Meredith: Dr. Meredith Grey, a general surgeon
  • Miranda: Dr. Miranda Bailey, a general surgeon
  • Olivia: Olivia Harper, a nurse
  • Sadie: Dr. Sadie Harris, an intern
  • Sloan: Mark’s daughter
  • Sydney: Dr. Sydney Heron, a surgery resident
  • Theodora: Dr. Teddy Altman, a cardiac surgeon
  • Virginia: Dr. Virginia Dixon, a cardiac surgeon
  • Zola: Meredith and Derek’s daughter

Grey’s Anatomy baby names for boys

  • Alex: Dr. Alex Karev, a pediatric surgeon
  • Bailey: Miranda and Derek’s son
  • Benjamin: Dr. Ben Warren, an anesthesiologist
  • Colin: Dr. Colin Marlowe, a cardiac surgeon
  • Derek: Dr. Derek Shepherd, a neurosurgeon
  • Finn: Dr. Finn Dandridge, a veterinarian
  • George: Dr. George O’Malley, a surgical resident
  • Jackson: Dr. Jackson Avery, a plastic surgeon
  • Mark: Dr. Mark Sloan, chief of plastic surgery
  • Owen: Dr. Owen Hunt, chief of surgery
  • Norman: Dr. Norman Shales, an intern
  • Preston: Dr. Preston Burke, a cardiac surgeon
  • Richard: Dr. Richard Webber, a general surgeon
  • Robert: Dr. Robert Stark, a pediatric surgeon
  • Shane: Dr. Shane Ross, an intern
  • Thatcher: Meredith’s father
  • Tucker: Miranda’s ex-husband
  • Tyler: Tyler Christian, a nurse

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