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Baby names inspired by Mother Nature herself

The natural world inspires artists, musicians and poets. It also inspires parents when it comes to finding the perfect baby name. We’ve selected 50 of the best baby names derived from Mother Nature.

Babies outdoors

Look closely, your new baby’s name might be on this list.

From delicate flowers to sprawling meadows, the world around us is full of beautiful names. We’ve collected delicate girl names like Lily and intriguing boy names like Jupiter — alongside old favorites — to make up a list of 50 fantastic names inspired by nature.

Floral baby names for girls

It doesn’t get much more feminine than names inspired by flowers. From traditional to new and unique, these are some of the most popular baby names from flowers and botanicals.

Baby names from trees and plants

Names derived from trees and plants continue to be popular. Many of the names on this list are suitable for girls or boys. Nature is a great non-gendered source of names that have a neutral tone.

  • Maple
  • Juniper
  • Rue
  • Thistle
  • Willow

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Baby names from seasons, planets and directions

Celebrity babies have helped influence the popularity of these natural baby names. Even if your last name isn’t West, North is a beautiful first name for a boy or a girl. We love Atlas for a little boy and East for a little girl.

More baby girl names from nature

Looking for a unique way to honor Mother Nature with your baby girl name? These baby girl names are drawn from awe-inspiring parts of our world — like the weather, sky and plants. We love charming Briar and strong Storm.

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More baby boy names from nature

If you’re looking for a strong baby boy name, try Cliff or Rock. These names from Mother Nature capture a love for the natural world while retaining a traditional sound. We love common but still natural Dale and Glen.

Nature names as middle names

If you find that some of these baby names are too unique for your family’s style, try using them as middle names. Names like Wood and Bay sound beautiful as middle names even when used with traditional, common first names. Try a combo like Jonathan Flint. For little girls, try using an ultra-feminine first name with a more neutral nature-inspired middle name, such as Alexandra Night.

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