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Popular Australian baby names

Wondering what parents on the other side of the globe are naming their babies? Check out the most popular baby names in Australia. The Aussies have great taste in names. You may find the perfect choice for your little one on this list of 40 baby names.

Australian baby names

McCrindle Research in Australia recently published a report on the top baby names of 2013. Using registries in various parts of Australia, the research firm put together a list of the most common names.

We took a look to find the best popular Australian baby names. From the top 10 to standout picks from the top 100, here are fantastic Australian baby names to draw inspiration from.

The Australian top 10 for boys

Listed in order, these are the top 10 names for boys in Australia. Ethan, William and Noah share the top 10 with the top 10 in the United States. All fairly traditional names, these are a great basis to start with while searching for a beautiful baby boy name. We love surprising Cooper and popular Oliver.

The Australian top 10 for girls

Listed in order, these are the top 10 baby names for girls in Australia. Sophie is similar to Sophia on the top 10 in the United States. Olivia, Ava, Emily and Mia are on both top 10 lists. We love charming Chloe and surprising Ruby. Every name in the top 10 makes a lovely baby name for any baby girl.

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Cool baby boy names from Australia

Looking for a name that’s common in Australia but still has a unique, cool factor in the United States? Try one of these fun names from the top 100 boy names in Australia. Archer is growing in popularity in the U.S., while names like Callum and Lachlan haven’t really caught on enough to be common. These names are all short enough to rule out a nickname, so if you’re looking for a name that likely won’t be altered, these are solid choices.

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Cool baby girl names from Australia

Boy names are becoming more common as girl names in Australia. From boyish Dylan and Ashton to super girlish Daisy and Heidi, these are lovely and cool girl names from the 100 baby girl names in Australia. We love cheeky Indiana and the softness of Savannah. Harper is growing in popularity in the U.S., while Luca is uncommon as a girl’s name.

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