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School spirit: College-inspired baby names

Go big with a baby name inspired by a college or university. These cool baby names are unique without sounding too “out there.” Pay homage to your alma mater or choose a great baby name inspired by a top university in the United States.

Baby boy

Looking for a unique baby name with a rich history? Try these great names inspired by universities. Rich, familiar sounds make for unusual baby names that are perfect for modern girls and boys. We’ve found the 40 best baby names from colleges and universities around the world.

University baby names for girls

If you’re looking for a baby name that isn’t too girlish, these baby girl names are perfect. From preppy Berkeley to sassy Vaughn, these are surprising, fun names for baby girls. Not every name on the list is gender-neutral. Classics like Hope, Marion and Sarah give you options that are undeniably feminine. New celebrity favorites like Colby and Lincoln round out a list of 20 great names for girls.

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University baby names for boys

If you’re looking for a classic baby boy name, try these names from universities in the United States. From traditional names like Warren and Clark to unique names like Auburn and Charleston, these are baby names with a very formal feel. Current favorites Bennett and Miles make the list along with classics Howard and Irvine. Try pairing one of these longer baby names with a short middle name for a great rhythmic baby name, such as Emerson Jack or Jefferson Blake.

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Tips for picking a college name

Many graduates in the United States take school spirit very seriously. If you’d like to honor your college or university with a baby name, you don’t have to name your child after the school itself. Instead, look to former presidents, star sports players, names of buildings on campus or famous alumni. This can be a creative and fun way to find a baby name that’s important to you. Some schools, such as Texas A&M, commonly inspire alumni to choose baby names that honor the school’s heritage and traditions. Alumni come up with a variety of creative ways to express school spirit with a baby name. Whether you attended a big school or a small private college, your love for your alma mater may be the key to finding the perfect baby name.

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