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Baby names from the Ikea catalog

Have you ever browsed product names in the IKEA catalog? There have been some doozies: Fyrkantig, Flärdfull and Grönkulla, to name just a few.

Baby on the couch

But the Swedish home goods company also inspires some really cool baby names — even some with umlauts!

Baby names from Ikea’s living room collection

Ikea’s sofas, chairs and ottomans run the gamut from cozy to mod. And they feature fab monikers, too! Shorten Marieberg and Karlstad to Marie and Karl, or use full-blown Swedish names such as Säter and Vreta!

  • Arvika
  • Kivik
  • Mellby
  • Moheda
  • Nolbyn
  • Nolmyra
  • Norna
  • Resmo
  • Sandby
  • Tullsta

Baby names from Ikea’s storage collection

We have stuff, and IKEA makes it easy to keep everything in its place. The catalog’s living room storage department includes everything from bookshelves and media cabinets to storage boxes and sideboards — all with delightful brand and style names!

Baby names from Ikea’s kitchen collection

You can construct every square inch of your kitchen in Ikea products… and then you can refer to your lazy Susan as a lazy Snudda instead!

  • Ädel
  • Aleskär
  • Alsvik
  • Budskär
  • Dåtid
  • Eldig
  • Flytta
  • Härlig
  • Hedra
  • Kansli
  • Lansa
  • Lindsdal
  • Lixtorp
  • Ramsjö
  • Rubrik
  • Sätta
  • Sofielund
  • Tag
  • Tärnan
  • Värde
  • Varnhem
  • Variera
  • Vinna

Baby names from Ikea’s bedroom collection

Ikea is not just dorm furniture. You’ll find gorgeous textiles, practical furniture and fab accessories — all with superb names such as Kullen, Sultan and Tarva!

  • Hektar
  • Jelsa
  • Lade
  • Mandal
  • Mysa
  • Odda
  • Pax
  • Tromsö
  • Vete

Baby names from Ikea’s children’s collection

Walk through the children’s furniture area in any Ikea store and you’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland. The brilliant colors and inspired designs will make you wish you could shrink down to your child’s size.

  • Trogen
  • Vandring
  • Vinka
  • Vyssa

Did you know…

The website Ikea in Swedish provides audio recordings of the names of Ikea products!

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