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Place to study

Parents want their children to be successful in school. One way to help them do their best is to create a good place for them to study at home. Having a designated homework area can help increase both their performance and their efficiency, and setting it up takes minimal time and effort.

Homework space

Make it accommodating

There are a number of ways to make the space you have available work for your child. If your child has his or her own desk and chair, make sure that the chair is comfortable and promotes good posture. Keep the desk well stocked with supplies like a calculator, pencils and an eraser — this will ensure that your child isn’t spending time tracking down study tools. Make sure there is adequate lighting to help prevent eyestrain. If you don’t have a dedicated desk area, try putting together a bin of supplies that your child can pull out and take to the kitchen table.

Keep it distraction free

We live in a technology-driven era, so keeping study time free of distractions is essential. TVs should be off, and computer usage should be monitored. Institute a ban on computer games and social networking websites while your children are doing their homework. On the other hand, music can help some children tune out the rest of the world, so play music softly if that works for your child.

Incorporate breaks

Encourage your child to play for a little while upon returning from school, before sitting down to do homework. Periodically introduce a study break so your child can rest his or her mind and have an easier time refocusing when the break is over. Simply getting up and doing some jumping jacks can help tremendously! Setting a timer on the desk can also help remind your child of when it’s time for the next break.

Set a routine

Kids thrive on structure and routine, and a routine for studying is no different. Knowing what to expect when it comes to homework time can help ward off any arguments. Set aside a single time each day for them to complete their homework. That way, they know that when homework time is up, they can get back to playtime.

With just a little forethought and planning, you can help create a great space where your child can study. Creating good study habits from an early age will help your child be a successful student for years to come.

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