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6 Campus fashion trends to avoid


Be the style star on campus by avoiding these six trends. It may be tempting to wear that comfy T-shirt from the bookstore, but resist the urge and you’ll feel better that you did.

College student wearing neon pink

If you go to a large school, you may think no one will notice what you wear. If you go to a small school, you may think everyone dresses the same so it doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s all false. People notice no matter what size your school is. So before you start the new year, rethink your wardrobe as you’re packing to move into your dorm. Here are six things you should not bring with you!


Leopard loafers

We loved them last year, but try updating your look to something a bit more timeless. Invest in a leather driving moccasin or a patent leather ballet flat to have for years to come. As a college student, anything that’s budget friendly and meant to last is right up your alley.



We get it — we saw you coming from a mile away! Neon has its moments, and wearing it all the time is not one of them. Save sporty neon for when you’re actually being sporty so you can avoid being spotted all over campus.


Too many studs

Dial it down a bit this season. Choose one studded piece at a time to rock. Wearing studded loafers, jeans and a bag is just too much. Be selective in when you wear them, and you can not only keep the items you already have (a huge plus on your wallet), but you won’t totally annoy your friends.


Rain boots

Unless there’s a monsoon, don’t wear them! If there’s just a slight chance of rain, odds are you don’t need to schlep around in them all day. Opt for a rubber ballet flat — yes, those exist and they’re wonderful. Reserve the bulky rain boots for when you really need them.


Yoga pants outside the gym

There are so many other more comfortable options out there, plus no one — repeat, no one — wants to see you in them. They’re so tight it’s unsettling, and that waistband cannot provide much comfort. Wear baggy jeans, broken-in boyfriend-cut chinos or lighter-than-air harem pants as hipper alternatives.


Cotton T-shirts

I’m sure your administration loves to see students sporting their school spirit in college tees from the bookstore, but wearing them every day to class is the easy way out. Put some effort into your look, and people will take notice.

More trends to avoid

Floral jeans

Floral jeans

Extremely long necklaces

Extremely long necklaces



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