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How to rock your jeans from the classroom to a night out

Money for extra jeans — no matter how badly you wish it were — just usually is not in a college student’s budget. Here are ways to wear your everyday wardrobe to class and then off to meet friends for the night.

College student wearing jeans

Being a college student means you’re most likely balancing your days between studying and living it up with your friends… but it also means you’re probably on a pretty tight budget — one that doesn’t involve extra money for novelties like extra pairs of jeans. We’ve got your list of easy ways to make what you have go the farthest.


Jackets can do wonders

It doesn’t take much for a jacket to transform your jeans — no, really. Wear jeans and a V-neck cotton T-shirt to class and just throw on a leather bomber jacket or black fitted blazer to go out. It takes nothing at all to transition from bookworm to party animal with the swap of a coat.


Ditch the heels, girl

If you think you need heels for a night out, you’re surely mistaken. Keep it cool and down-to-earth with a well-worn pair of combat boots. If you just feel more comfortable in high heels, a not-so-fancy pair looks worlds better with jeans than does a more severe patent leather stiletto. Think more hip and quirky heels like high-heeled loafers to make jeans look dressed up for nights out.


Go bright and feel bold

A good accessory can do wonders. Adding a silver chain necklace is nice, or maybe throw on a gold hoop earring or some chunky bangles. That’s all fine and good, but transform everything with a strong red or vibrant pink lip. Really, one small but mighty accessory takes the whole look from something casual to something very sophisticated.


A little shimmer and shine never hurt anybody

OK, most likely you weren’t thinking of dragging your backpack out with you for a night on the town — or else let’s hope not! But a great bag can really make a standard jean into something completely chic. A sequined or shimmery cross-body bag with metal chain strap brings shine and glimmer without being over the top. The jeans keep it down-to-earth, while an extra-glitzy bag looks just glam enough to wear for nights out.

Hot denim trends

  • White or ecru: There’s not much to say about such a classic jean, but if you want to take it to a super-modern level, pair it with a white blouse or sweater. All white looks incredibly chic.
  • Coated: Coated is that buttery denim with shiny overlay. It’s a little hip for day wear, but not if it’s paired with relaxed shirts and super-casual pieces.
  • Two-toned: This is what you get when denim has dark and light shades patched together in various spots. Want to really be hip? Wear a two-toned chambray with it to be edgy, hip and just downright cool.
  • Studded and destroyed: Minimal stud detail is very on trend right now. Be sure not to go overboard with them, but just a little streak of studs along the knee cap, hip or butt pocket draws the eye and gives your look some edge.

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