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College Chic: How to look best for class

Start the year off on the right foot by ditching typical athletic wear for stylish clothes that actually deliver more comfort by the end of that three-hour lecture.

College student wearing cardigan

We all do it. We say we’ll start the school year by putting more effort into our outfits and planning amazing looks every day.

But wait until your first exam creeps up, and before you know it, that perfect plan never resurfaces and you’re grabbing the first thing you see in the morning to sprint off to class. Yeah, everyone’s been there. But don’t set unreachable standards this year — just start out with an incredibly wearable, trendy wardrobe. Here’s what you’ll need: slouchy pants, sundresses galore and wearable knits.


No more yoga pants, please

Ditch the yoga pants — yes, unless you’re walking to the yoga studio, leave them at home. Invest in pants that are even more comfortable and 100 times more fashion forward and edgy: harem pants. They’re made from stretchy and light fabric, have an exaggerated slouch to their cut and provide maximum wearability for maximum style. They can be worn with your favorite cotton T-shirt or a dressy silk blouse — and nothing gets more comfortable than either top! Just think about what you would rather have — a tight waistband digging into your stomach in class or lighter-than-air, barely-there pant?


Stock up on sundresses

The classic sundress is just that — classic. But it’s way underrated when it comes to easy comfort. It’s maybe the No. 1 easy-to-wear item of clothing. It’s no fuss, especially when you have three minutes to throw something on and grab your bag for class. There’s no need to plan out an elaborate outfit, but it looks put together — as if you spent hours in front of the mirror. The major perk: Dark tights and a knit cardigan take the outfit right into colder months.


Denim + cardigan = done

Well-worn denim with a chambray and cardigan is such a no-fuss, wearable outfit because of its lived-in feel. For those who have a favorite pair of jeans, the reason is most likely because of the fit. They’re worn soft and smooth, are torn in all the right places and feel like a second skin. No need for unnecessarily tight workout pants to feel “comfy.” Grab your oldest jeans and a size-too-big cardigan to look stylish and feel right at home.

Your checklist to start the year off right

  • Chambray
  • Relaxed-fit chino pants

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