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Ways to encourage a creative sense of fashion

Fashion isn’t just found in the sleek pages of the latest magazines. Open your eyes to the world around you to develop your own creative sense of style. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite fashion inspirations and hope our ideas will help you think outside the box.

Look to nature

It’s been said that a field of wildflowers is dressed more beautifully than any person could ever hope to match. Draw from the natural world to develop your favorite color schemes and texture palettes for your wardrobe this fall.

Look to nature for fashion inspiration

Inspiration No. 1: Bright fall leaves on a misty day

Nothing says fall quite like an overcast, gray sky and bright, falling leaves. Let fall inspire you with this demure color scheme, since both gray and nude are on trend this season. If nude and gray are a little drab for your taste, liven up the color combination with a pop of bright fall color like rusty orange or pinkish red.

Inspiration No. 2: Bird of paradise flowers

Jewel tones continue to grace the runways and the clothing racks this season. Combine two jewel tones, à la bird of paradise arrangements, to bring a splash of color to your life.

Inspiration No. 3: Deep-green trees against the sky

If you’re sad to see summer go, try to imagine the bliss of an outdoor picnic followed by gazing up at the blue sky through deep-green trees. Channel this inspiration with a bold, foliage-printed dress.

Inspiration No. 4: A stormy sunset sky

Storms at sunset present some of the most brilliant color schemes in nature. Revel in the interplay of reds, yellows, deep blues and gold by pairing a bold necklace against a classic silk shirt and pencil skirt.

Look to history

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many beautiful fashion icons sprinkled throughout history. Use pieces inspired by the fashionable women of American lore.

Look to the past for fashion inspiration

Inspiration No. 1: Katharine

Decades before The Feminine Mystique, Katharine Hepburn channeled a mixture of power and femininity that we would all do well to emulate in the workplace. Try to work in a slight shoulder pad on your blazer or a well-fitted trouser or colored denim to copycat this icon.

Inspiration No. 2: Marilyn

Over 50 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains the perfect example of curvy fashion confidence. Find yourself a beautiful cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and flouncy hem to play flirtatious and fun. Smooth on a bright red lipstick for good measure.

Inspiration No. 3: Twiggy

Few women have Twiggy’s impossibly small figure, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy her quirky sense of style in your own wardrobe. To look Twiggy-style retro and arts loving, show off a plaid statement piece or opt into a tiny shift for a leggy update to your look.

Inspiration No. 4: Cindy

The gorgeous Cindy Crawford was at the top of her modeling game in the late ’80s and early ’90s — when fashion was painfully bad. But even bad eras have their fashion icons and their high points. Look like you’re a lady from the age of excess by working metallic pieces or makeup into your outfit.

Look to yourself

With all the inspiration we draw from nature and history, it’s easy to forget that one’s own person can become the most powerful inspiration of all. Remember to acknowledge the characteristics you love about yourself — then play them up with the latest fashion trends. These are just two of our ideas, but the inspirations you can find in yourself are endless.

Look to yourself for fashion inspiration

Inspiration No. 1: Eye color

There’s no shame in wearing colors that are intentionally selected to make your eyes go pop. The bird of paradise color scheme does amazing things for women with green eyes, whereas the gold of a sunset sky makes brown eyes shine bright.

Inspiration No. 2: Hairstyles to match motif

Most women have a go-to hairstyle, but you should consider changing things up depending on the outfit you wear. If you’re wearing an outfit inspired by a stormy sunset sky, spiral curl your hair and hairspray it into a wavy and wild look. If you’re wearing an outfit inspired by Twiggy, try to straighten your hair if you normally wear it curled. Hair updates will breathe fresh air into your style.

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