Lunch ideas for homeschool moms

One of the joys of homeschooling is being able to feed our children 21 meals and countless snacks each and every week. I used to feel as though the entire day was spent in the kitchen, as we homeschool in our kitchen too.

Homeschool - Preparing lunch

Lunchtime used to sneak up on me, every single day. I finally decided that in order to make our days run smoothly, I needed to create a lunch menu along with our dinner menu — preferably meals that are healthy, quick and simple, and that the boys could make on their own.

We also rotate lunch duties — two will prepare the meal and two will do the cleaning up. It works best when there are not too many little hands in the kitchen. I find that preparing as much food as possible on the weekends helps as well. Washing and cutting veggies and fruit can be done ahead of time.

Weekly menu

Homeschool lunch ideas

All of our lunch meals are served with fruit and pickles. I think my boys would gladly live off of chips and pickles, no joke! Here is an example of our weekly menu:

  • Monday – Pizza Day: This would be flatbread pizza, bagel pizza, French bread pizza or bagel bites. I prepare dough, the boys add the toppings and our oldest bakes them.
  • Tuesday – Leftover Day: We serve dinner leftovers, usually from the weekend.
  • Wednesday – Warm Day: This is usually the one day I cook a hot lunch, e.g., macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese and tomato soup, spaghetti, nuggets or paninis.
  • Thursday – Roly Poly Day: I let the boys make cold wraps or spirals with turkey, ham, pastrami, prosciutto and veggies of their choice. The spirals are always a hit with the boys, especially when they come with chips.
  • Friday – Fun Day: Friday is usually our light school day. We will take a picnic lunch somewhere different… the playhouse, the deck, playroom floor or a park.

If you need more lunchtime ideas, here is a great monthly lunch menu printable from Teach Them Diligently.

Homeschool lunch

Bonding over lunch

Lunchtime can be fun when the children help out. Not to mention they feel a great sense of accomplishment when they can prepare meals for each other.

Whenever possible, eat with your children. Enjoy the needed break and downtime with them. I used to eat on the run, after the boys had eaten their lunch, until I realized how much they enjoyed for me to sit, eat and chat with them. It’s part of the reason we homeschool them after all, to “be” with them.

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What are some of your children’s favorite lunch meals? Please share in the comments section below.

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