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Cool Russian baby names

Are you looking for a really unique name for your baby? These Russian baby names have a really lovely old-world sound about them and may be perfect for your little one.

Russian baby

The Russian Orthodox Church, from medieval times to the introduction of communism in 1917, had a great influence on society. Through the church, many names with Greek, Latin and Hebrew origins became popular, which you’ll see reflected in the names we’ve chosen here.

After the Russian Revolution, some names, like those associated with saints, were discouraged, but some traditional names remained popular.

We’ve hand-picked these Russian baby names that are both traditional as well as popular. Maybe you have Russian heritage, or just think one of these names is unique and maybe a little different from American baby names that top the popularity charts.

Check to see if any of these names strike your fancy and add them to your baby name list.

Russian names for baby boys

  • Aleksandr: The Russian version of Alexander meaning “defender of man”
  • Artemi: This name comes from the Greek goddess of the moon and was borne by a saint
  • Boris: This awesome name is popular in Russia
  • Damian: This name has ancient Greek roots and means “to tame”
  • Dmitri: A popular name, this name also comes from the Greek goddess Demeter
  • Efrem: This is a form of the Hebrew name Efrayim
  • Georgi: A Russian version of the name George, which means “farmer”
  • Grigori: Meaning “to awaken,” this name has Greek roots
  • Iakov: A Russian version of the name Jacob, this means “supplanter”
  • Igor: Another form of the name Ivor
  • Karl: A German name popular in Russia
  • Konstantin: A Russian version of the name Constantine
  • Mikhail: The Russian form of Michael
  • Noe: A Russian version of the name Noah
  • Pavel: Form of Paul popular in Russia

Russian names for baby girls

  • Albina: This pretty name means “white”
  • Amaliya: Meaning “industrious,” this name has German origins
  • Dariya: This popular Russian name has Greek roots
  • Ekaterina: A Russian version of Catherine
  • Evelina: This is a pretty, longer version of the name Eve
  • Inessa: The Russian form of Agnes
  • Kira: Meaning either “a lord” or “the sun,” this name has Greek roots
  • Lidiya: The Russian version of the Greek name Lydia
  • Mariya: A Russian version of Mary
  • Nadya: This is a nickname of Nadezhda but is often given as an independent name
  • Oksana: A popular name, this has Hebrew roots and means “praise be to God”
  • Roza: The Russian form of Rosa
  • Sonya: A form of the name Sofiya, this name is also a popular independent name
  • Varvara: The Russian version of Barbara
  • Zaneta: A cool Russian form of the name Janet

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