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5 Bug crafts for kids

Kids love bugs. Whether they’re the creepy-crawly kind or the cute cartoon kind, they can’t get enough of them. Use supplies you already have around the house and some repurposed items, to have tons of fun crafting critters with your little one.

Summer days can be pretty long for both preschoolers and their parents. One way to spend time together and have fun is with arts and crafts. To keep them engaged and excited, it’s best to incorporate their interests into the crafts. Enter bugs. These five crafts are bound to keep your child entertained and happy.


Leo the Lightning Bug

Leo the lightingbug

Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things takes a character from the award-winning book Leo the Lightning Bug and brings Leo to life. On her website she offers a downloadable and printable PDF for the body. The only other thing you need is a clothespin to make a Leo of your own.


Ladybug buddy

Ladybug buddy

How cute is this ladybug? Vivian from Craft with Confidence offers an awesome tutorial for making a stuffed ladybug buddy. This is one craft to definitely work on as a family, because it does require a little bit of sewing.


Golf ball ants

Golf ball ants

Have some old golf balls lying around the house? Repurpose them into these cute ant toys. Mona of Craft Klatch will tell you how! You can also see what Mona is up to on her YouTube channel.


Cute bugs

cute bugs

Now these are some cute bugs! Using just spoons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue, the ladies of Paging Fun Mums will show you and your child how to make your own. With a little creativity, you can add even more detail to these cute bugs and make them your own.


Ladybug bug jar

Ladybug Bug Jar

What is better than a bug craft? A craft that will let you go out and hunt for bugs when it’s done! Carissa of Creative Green Living repurposed a glass jar with a lid into a bug jar to store captured critters.

To make any of these fun bug crafts, be sure to visit the websites listed above. You and your child can have hours of entertainment crafting together this summer.

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