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Adventurous playdates for your tots and their pals

Toddler playdates are a fun part of growing up. Not only are they great for socialization, they can also introduce your tot to fun new activities. Here are five adventurous playdates for your tots and their friends.

Group of kids

Planning a playdate for your toddler can be both fun and slightly intimidating. While the typical day of play at home is a lot of fun, it is also great to step outside the boundaries of the house and go on an adventure. Here are five ideas for your next toddler playdate.


Go to the zoo

Go to the zoo

Find your nearest zoo and check it out. Toddlers love animals, and going to the zoo provides a learning opportunity as well. You will get to introduce them to all sorts of new animals while spending time with their friends. See if your zoo has a petting area where the children can get up close and personal with some of the animals. Be sure to pack sunscreen and water!


Bounce it out

Bounce It Out

Local inflatables businesses are popping up all over, and they can be a fun experience for your toddler and her friends. Entire areas are dedicated to various bounce houses, slides and so much more. The kids will exhaust themselves bouncing away! Most of these businesses have a dedicated area for smaller children too.


Find a children’s museum

Find a Children's Museum

Children’s museums are great places to let your toddler explore and learn new things. Oftentimes, these museums cater to the different stages of childhood development, providing ample opportunities for your child to grow and learn. Being able to experience the new surroundings with friends can make it even more enjoyable.




In the warmer months, heading to the pool or a splash pad can provide hours of entertainment to your toddler. Splashing around in the water helps beat the hot weather and is tons of fun.


Take a cooking class

Take a Cooking Class

There are cooking classes popping up for children as young as 2 years old. Attending a cooking class can help your toddler and his friends develop important life skills from an early age. They can practice measuring, pouring and following directions. Plus, there is the bonus of getting to eat whatever you make at the end.

These examples show that playdates don’t have to be typical. Instead, they can be a new adventure and tons of fun. Make your next toddler playdate an adventurous one!

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