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DIY toys: Make your own fun from everyday items

Kids get bored easily and it can be difficult to keep them interested in their toys. Luckily, here are five DIY toys you can make to put a smile on your child’s face while keeping her entertained for hours.

Kids are entertained by the simplest of things. You buy them a new toy and they want to play with the box. Their imagination is exploding and they can turn everything into a toy. Now, so can you! We all have tons of things hanging around the house that can be repurposed into a new and exciting toy for our children. These DIY toys are the perfect way to save some money and have some fun with your kids. Whether you make them on a rainy day or as a gift for your child, these toys are sure to please.


DIY toy kitchen


Every child loves a toy kitchen, but they can be extremely expensive and many are an eye-sore. Becky from Preparing for Peanut set out to make a masculine toy kitchen for her son and succeeded! Using items found through thrifting and some ingenuity, she crafted a beautiful kitchen with a working oven light that would be a nice addition to any home.


Learning emotions: “Make a face”


Children often struggle with articulating their feelings using words. That’s why this “make a face” DIY toy from Mr. Printables is so amazing. With a little cardboard, fasteners and glue, you can provide your child with an incredible tool that is fun too. Let your child change the face to show how they are feeling and help them learn the words to go with that feeling.


DIY sock stick horse


Kids love toy stick horses, and this one from Angie of The Country Cottage Chic is adorable. This could be a fun project to complete with older children or the perfect gift for a younger child. Either way, it is way cuter than anything store bought.


DIY water bottle boat


Who says trash can’t be fun? Anu from Nalle’s House repurposed water bottles to build a toy boat for her sons. This DIY toy is easy to construct and build from items you already have lying around your house. The perfect rainy day activity!


DIY playroom teepee


Teepees are incredibly trendy additions to playroom right now, and consequently come with a pretty hefty price-tag. Ashley of Writing Chapter Three solved the problem using PVC pipes and a drop cloth. It makes the perfect addition to her playroom while still looking beautiful.

These five DIY toys prove that you don’t have to drop a lot of money to have some awesome toys for your kids. With a little time, creativity and patience, you can be making your own playthings too.

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