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Romanian baby names for boys and girls

Romania is a beautiful country with plenty of history, and good news if you’re looking for a baby name — Romanian baby names are a classy choice for your baby girl or boy, and they come with a hint of the exotic.

Romanian baby names

Romania, a lovely country in eastern Europe, originated when a kingdom called Dacia became a Roman province in the second century. The Romanian language was then born out of a mix of Latin and native tongues.

The country was invaded by Germanic and Slavic tribes as well as the Bulgarians and the Magyars. This resulted in a rich legacy of languages and names that reflect these different cultural groups.

Baby names in Romania are often borrowed from other cultures as well, but there are many that are Romanian versions of names we’re already quite familiar with — which can make a cool choice if you want to name your child after a family member but you’re not wild about his name. If your family tree features Romanian ancestors, or you simply love these names, you might find that these make their names to your baby name list.

Romanian baby names for boys

  • Andrei: Romanian version of the name Andrew
  • Boris: A Russian name popular in Romania
  • Cristofor: Romanian version of Christopher
  • Dominik: A Latin name meaning “belonging to the lord”
  • Emil: A borrowed name from German
  • Felix: Meaning “lucky, happy,” this name has Latin roots
  • Frantisek: From Latin, this means “a Frenchman”
  • Gheorghe: Romanian version of George
  • Ioan: Romanian form of John
  • Mihai: Romanian version of Michael
  • Nicolae: Romanian version of Nicholas
  • Petar: Romanian version of Peter
  • Stanislav: This name means “government glory”
  • Toma: Romanian form of Thomas
  • Vilhelm: Romanian version of William

Romanian baby names for girls

  • Ana: Romanian form of Anna
  • Beatrix: Derived from a name meaning, “she who brings happiness”
  • Brigita: Romanian version of Birgitta
  • Dorota: Romanian version of Dorothea
  • Elena: Romanian version of the Greek name Helene
  • Iolanda: Romanian form of Yolanda
  • Iulia: Romanian form of Julia
  • Lucia: Feminine form of Lucius, which means “light”
  • Margarita: Romanian version of Margaret
  • Nathalie: A French name, meaning “natal day”
  • Olga: A popular Russian name
  • Reveka: Romanian version of Rebecca
  • Suzana: Romanian form of Susannah
  • Tereza: Romanian version of Teresa
  • Viorica: Romanian form of the German name Friederike

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