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6 Summer boredom busters

Summer is supposed to be a time of fun, but without the structured schedules of the rest of the year, things can get boring in a hurry. These six summer boredom busters will help keep things fun this summer!

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School’s out, the kids are home, and you went through all your planned summer activities the first two weeks of summer break. What’s a mama to do to keep boredom at bay? We’ve got some ideas to keep things lively this summer.


Water play

You don’t need to have a pool to enjoy the water. Get out a sprinkler, fill up a baby pool or make your own slippery slide. Water balloons and water guns are other ways to have fun with water when you’re outside. Enjoy the sun but beat the heat by making a splash with your kids this summer!


Get cooking

Smaller children love to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, and older kids love the independence they gain from knowing how to make a meal or two. Spend some time in the kitchen with your kids this summer. They may be able to help lighten the load this fall when schedules get crazy!


Explore your city

Your city probably has a ton to offer that you’ve never experienced. Pretend you’re tourists and hit the streets, visiting small museums and tiny shops. You may find a local treasure or new favorite lunch spot you never knew existed.


Go for a hike

Head out to your favorite trail and see what nature has to offer. If your kids are younger, try having a scavenger hunt. For the older bunch, see who can identify the most plants and animals while you’re exploring.


Hit the books

Most libraries have summer reading clubs that keep your kids enjoying books while school isn’t in session. Get them reading, and then let them enjoy the rewards they earn. Pick one day a week to make regular trips to the library for new reading material, and try to explore a new part of the library each time you’re there. They may discover an interest they never knew they had!


Watch a movie

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in front of the television every now and then this summer. Gather the family together and pick a family-friendly flick from Netflix. You can sit back, take in the show and enjoy each other’s company. Consider making a family movie night once a week for the summer — or all year long!

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