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Top tech for college bound kids

Give your college kid tools for success and a healthy dose of fun with these great gadgets for fall.

Tech 101

Give your college kid tools for success and a healthy
dose of fun with these great gadgets for fall.



Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

Ensure that your college-bound kid stays focused on his homework with noise-cancelling headphones. Perfect for study sessions in the dorm, noise-cancelling headphones can be used with or without music. Your son or daughter will love the Studio headphones from Beats by Dre, which promise to cancel out the noise of a jet engine for $250.


iPhone case

LifeProof iPhone case

After purchasing the new iPhone 5 for your college-bound child, you’ll definitely want to ensure that it is protected. With many options out there for iPhone cases, guarantee the collegiate in your life chooses something to last through graduation (or at least next year). The LifeProof case protects her precious iPhone from the elements, including water, snow, dirt and her slippery fingers. For $80 from LifeProof, this is an investment worth getting for the upcoming semester.


Wrist charger

Wrist charger

Never hear the excuse of a dead cell phone battery when your college-bound student doesn’t call. With this wrist charger, a young adult can charge their phone or tablet on the go. The charger is battery powered and gives enough juice to last the social media updates of a fun night on the town. This universal gadget wrist charger is $40 from ThinkGeek.


Mobile Wi-Fi

Novatel MiFi Liberate for $200.

Help your college student ensure that he’s always got access to the World Wide Web with a mobile Wi-Fi device. Equipped to allow Internet usage virtually anywhere, this big investment will pay big for grades when your child can connect to the Internet when and where they need it. The most popular device is the AT&T touch-screen activated MiFi Liberate for $200.

Check with your wireless provider for specific devices to connect with your plan.



MacBook Pro
ThinkPad X Series

With so many types of laptops available this year, it will be hard to narrow down the best for college students in 2013. To find the right one for your child, look at what your child needs, including software and memory. A popular choice is Apple’s latest MacBook Pro Retina — a bit larger, but equipped with a larger processing system and memory. However, Apple doesn’t come with the ever-popular Windows software, which could be a need for college. If this is the case and you don’t want to shovel out the additional dough for the Bootcamp adapter, consider a ThinkPad… highly similar to Apple when it comes to quality.

The MacBook Pro starts at $1,200 from Apple and the ThinkPad X Series has the starting price of $500 from Lenovo.

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