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Space-saving ideas for your dorm

Create much needed space with these nine space-savvy ideas for your college dorm room this year. From hygiene items to clothing, you can store away all of your college needs in style.

Rolling under bed storage cart

Rolling under bed storage cart

An awesome addition to bed risers, this rolling under-the-bed storage cart is just $16 from Dormco. Use it to conveniently store and hide away handbags, additional bedding and more. The cart is sized perfectly for twin sized beds.

Over-the-Door shoe organizer

Over-the-door shoe organizer

Organize your shoes on your door with this eye-appealing over-the-door shoe rack. For $15 from Amazon, this rack isn’t made with annoying wire but with pretty linen instead. Perfect for the shabby chic dorm room, your shoes will be organized and conveniently put in place.

Bed Risers

Bed risers

The easiest and most inexpensive way to create storage in your dorm is with bed risers. $12 for a set of four from Bed Bath Store, these bed risers are meant to make your bed higher and create more storage in the dorm room. Use these to create much needed space.

Huggable hangers

Non-slip hangers

Make more room in your small dorm room closet with these Huggable Hangers for $20 at Target. This 34-piece set allows you to stack your clothes for easy browsing and hanging. Add these to your closet so you can add more clothes… or books.

End of the bed storage

End-of-the-bed storage

This end-of-the-bed storage organizer is $50 from PB Teen. Great for small, shared dorms, these organizers hold books, magazines and more. Conveniently placed for your study and college needs, the organizers are offered in purple or black.

Mesh clip-on shelf

Mesh clip-on shelf

Organize smaller dorm items with an attachable shelf like this mesh clip-on model from Bed Bath & Beyond for $13. Perfect for calculators, sticky notes and pens, this shelf will allow you to focus on more important things rather than searching for items around the dorm. Easy to attach to a desk or bookshelf, this item can go from the dorm to the classroom.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes

The best way to create room in your dorm while making a decor statement is with cute storage boxes. Awesome for any item you need to put away, storage boxes are great for bookshelves, desks, closets and more. We like these large Threshold Seagrass milk crates for $40 from Target for shabby chic and modern dorm room decor.

Mini Get Ready Stand

Mini get-ready stand

For college students sharing a community bathroom, this mini get-ready stand is perfect for transporting your morning items to the shower. Four tiered and adorable, this polka dot stand from PB Teen is $180. Choose from blue or black to stay organized and cute for morning classes.

Personal hair styling organizer

Keep your styling gear organized and away from other hair with a personal styling kit from Target, priced at $39. Equipped with three individual spaces perfect for a hair dryer, straightener and curling iron, your styling equipment stay on your side of the dorm room… and conveniently organized. The extra space can be used for your styling products and other hygiene needs.

Personal hair styling organizer

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