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Beautiful Japanese baby names

Baby names that are common in Japan may sound unique to your ears if you’re not familiar with Japanese culture. Take inspiration from the beautiful sounds of Japanese baby names with these great baby names for boys and girls.

Japanese baby names

If you’re looking for a name that’s uncommon in the United States, try a name from Japan. Japanese baby names have beautiful sounds and interesting meanings.

Give your baby a unique baby name with one of these lovely baby names from Japan. With bright, musical sounds and sharp beats, these are names you’re bound to fall in love with.

Japanese baby girl names

Many Japanese baby girl names end with “ko,” a syllable that means baby or child. Each of these names has a unique meaning. Consider the meaning and the sound as you choose a baby name for your little girl.

  • Aiko: Child of love. Pronounced “eye-koh.”
  • Akane: Bright red. Remember that “ne” is pronounced “nay.”
  • Aneko: Perfect for an older sibling, this name means “older sister.”
  • Botan: This strong girl’s name means “long life.”
  • Hina: This common Japanese girl’s name is pronounced “hee-nah.”
  • Kotone: Pronounce each syllable with equal weight in this name that means “harp’s sound.”
  • Midori: Somewhat familiar thanks to a liquor that shares the name, this means “green.”
  • Misaki: Beautiful bloom. While uncommon, these are lovely sounds together.
  • Rina: Family home. This name may sound more common because of a similarity to “Katrina.”
  • Yumiko – Common in Japan, this name means “arrow child.”

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Japanese baby boy names

When pronouncing baby boy names from Japan, try to stress each syllable equally if you want to pronounce the name correctly. These beautiful baby boy names from Japan have strong meanings and unique sounds. Try one of these interesting baby boy names on for size to see if it fits with your family and interests.

  • Akio: Bright man. This is pronounced “ah-kee-oh.”
  • Dai: Pronounced “die,” this name means “large.”
  • Kenta: Give your boy a strong name that refers to good health.
  • Miki: This cute boy’s name means “tree.”
  • Ren: This simple, pretty boy’s name means “connect.”
  • Riku: Land. Pronounced “ree-koo.”
  • Seiji: Meaning “lawful,” this strong boy name means “lawful.”
  • Souta: Built well. The “ou” is pronounced “oh.”
  • Takeo: Meaning “strong like bamboo,” this is an eccentric but lovely boy name.
  • Tanjiro: Perfect for a sibling, this name means “treasured second song.”

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Tips for choosing a unique baby name

If you are not of Japanese descent and you choose a Japanese baby name, you may find yourself explaining why you chose that name. People are naturally curious. It is not unheard of to draw inspiration from another culture’s more popular names. Just practice sharing the fact that you were drawn to the sounds or meaning, or that you admire Japanese culture if that’s the case.

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