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10 Things that should be on your family bucket list

Summer is the perfect time to have a little fun with your family, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Though it’s easy for your summer bucket list to get out of hand, you can find a lot of things to do with your kids that won’t cost a lot of dough!

Boys eating ice cream

From starting a food fight to eating ice cream for breakfast, check out these 10 things that should be on your family bucket list.


Start a food fight

We’re not advocating wasting food, but putting on some old clothes and heading outside to toss around whipped cream “pies” on paper plates can equal tons of easy-to-hose-down fun!


Give back to the community

Help foster a sense of responsibility to the community in which you live by finding a local food bank, senior home, park cleanup day or fundraising walk-a-thon and volunteer as a family.

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Build something

Your family bucket list can still be fun while sneaking in lessons on teamwork when you build something as a family, whether it’s a small birdhouse or the best darn tree house on the block.


Visit a local monument

Do a little research to find the closest place of historical significance — whether it’s within your city or two days away — and score some family bonding time while taking in some culture, too.


Watch a movie outside

Snuggling up for a movie outdoors at the drive-in, on an outdoor movie screen or local movie in the park is a must-do on your family summer bucket list!

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Host a lemonade stand

Carry on the oldest summer tradition from your own childhood and help your kiddos set up their very own lemonade stand to encourage entrepreneurship.


Take a day trip

Whether you plan things to do with your kids along the way or just hop in and drive, pack up the family for a road trip that will get you to your destination and back within a day’s time and watch the fun that unfolds!


Watch the sunset

Your summer bucket list might be filled with things that have you on the go, but remember to include things to do with your kids that force you to take a moment and pause together, like watching the sun set in the summer sky.


Organize a block party

There’s no rule that says your family bucket list can only include your immediate family, so get together with your neighbors to organize an old-school block party to get everyone in on the fun!


Eat ice cream for breakfast

For kids, there’s nothing sweeter than breaking the rules, so skip on the waffles and fruit and eat ice cream for breakfast!

Whether you check off these 10 things that should be on your family bucket list or make up your own things to do with your kids, remember that you don’t have to spend a lot or travel far to fill up your summer bucket list. So long as everyone in your brood has a chance to cast a vote, your bucket list will bring you closer as a family while having fun along the way!

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