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Cute DIY holders for pencils and pens

Want to give your kid’s teacher a back-to-school gift they’ll actually use? Skip the apples and cookies, and instead, make them a cute DIY pencil holder from cans you probably have at home.

Pen and pencil holder

These super-cute pencil holders are made from things you probably already have in your house and take just 10 minutes to create. For some added back-to-school charm, add a chalkboard label on each so your child can label them however they’d like. Who knew pencils could be so cute?


  • Plain glass jar (circular) or can
  • Fun patterned paper
  • Plain paper label
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk
  • Tape
  • Scissors



Cut and tape the paper to the cans

Measure the paper around your jar and mark where to cut so it fits perfectly.

Step 1 Cut paper

Once cut, carefully tape it together so the ends meet up and it’s stuck on the glass jar.

tape paper to cans


Paint labels with chalkboard paint

Remove your labels from their packaging and place them on paper.

step 2 Apply labels

Carefully spray-paint the labels using the chalkboard paint. You need at least two coats for the paint to become a chalkboard.

Step 2 spray on chalkboard paint


Dry and stick them to the can

While the labels dry, attach the fun floral accessories (or bows, etc.) to the can using tape.

Step 3 attach the fun floral accessories

Step 3 attach the fun floral accessories

Once the labels have dried, stick them onto the jars.

Step 3 Once labels have dried, stick them onto the jars

Fill your jar with pencils, pens an other school supplies and enjoy! (Or give them to your kid’s favorite teachers!)

Step 3 Fill with pencils pens or whatever and enjoy

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