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5 Back-to-school-inspired edibles

Can you believe it’s already time to talk about going back to school? We can’t either, and we bet it’s probably the last thing your little ones want to discuss too. Take a little of the pain of going back to school away by making a few of these deliciously cute back-to-school edibles!

With pencil-shaped cakes, adorable chalkboard cookies and more, your kids may loathe going back to school just a little less while munching on these cute treats. Not only are these great for kids, they make fun first-day teacher gifts too! (It’s an easy way to ensure your kids get A’s all semester! We’re kidding…sort of.)


Pencil-shaped cake

Pencil shaped cake

Photo credit: Darla of Bakingdom

Get your kids jazzed about school again by surprising them with this cute pencil cake! This adorable cake is easier than it looks to recreate and can even be made into smaller cupcakes as well. Not only is this cake cute, it’s delicious too! Be sure to visit Bakingdom for the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate it at home!


Chalkboard cookies

Chalkboard cookies

Photo credit: Darla of Bakingdom

Trying to keep your family members’ brains active during the summer lull? Turn boring math problems into something sweet (and delicious) by having your kids do their algebra on cookies! These chalkboard cookies only look like the real deal. Everything on this adorable little cookie is 100 percent edible. Your kids will never complain about going to the chalkboard again! Check out Bakingdom for the tutorial and more photos!


Apple cupcakes

Apple shaped cupcakes

Photo credit: Makes and Takes

One of these apples a day won’t keep the doctor away, but they’ll sure make your daughter smile when she opens her lunch pail! These too-cute-for-words apple cupcakes look like the shiny fruit you give your teacher but taste just a little bit sweeter. Your kid’s teacher will love a batch of these on the first day of school. Check out Marie’s post on Makes and Takes for more photos showing how to make them!


Edible glue sticks

Edible glue sticks

Photo credit: Mirabelle Creations

To encourage your family not to eat glue (we all have one sibling who did it), give them an edible glue stick instead! Each of these plastic push-up pops are filled with white M&M’s, so they are edible and very safe to eat (not to mention delicious!). These make great teacher gifts or fun sweets for back-to-school goody bags. Check out Mirabelle Creations for the step-by-step on how to make them!


Squirmy worm apples

Squirmy worm apples

Give your kids a rotten apple in their lunch box if they’re misbehaving! We’re kidding… sort of. These cute and totally kid-friendly rotten apples are filled with peanut butter and gummy worms, making them only appear to be squirmy and gross. These are a fun way to trick your picky eaters into eating their fruits! Check out the recipe here on SheKnows!

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