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Baby names from Comic-Con

Every summer, San Diego Comic-Con International hosts over 100,000 fans of comics, games, television and film. From hardcore fans who dress up to first-timers who are curious about the spectacle, the truly devoted head to Comic-Con for a few days of intense fun.

Comic Con baby names

If you’re looking for a baby name with geek cred, look no further than Comic-Con.

In the spirit of America’s biggest comic book convention — which has expanded into an event that celebrates many forms of entertainment and media — we’ve selected some amazing baby names with serious geek cred. Here are fantastic baby names from San Diego Comic-Con.

Baby boy names from San Diego Comic-Con guests

These special guests at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 have excellent names. Choose one of these names for your little boy and you can tell him he was named after geek elite. From Bruce to Sergio, these are our favorite baby boy names from SDCC guests.

  • Bruce Timm: Animator for Batman: The Animated Series
  • Derek T. Dingle: Co-creator of the popular character Static Shock
  • Duane Swierczynski: A writer on DC Comics’ Birds of Prey
  • Elliot S. Maggin: Writer and editor for Superman and other comics
  • Frank Brunner: A writer and artist with over 40 years of experience in the industry
  • Gerry Conway: A writer known for his work on Amazing Spider-Man
  • Jeffrey Brown: A cartoonist known for Darth Vader and Son
  • Jon Bogdanove: A well-known artist on Superman: Man of Steel
  • Lincoln Peirce: Cartoonist and creator of Big Nate
  • Sergio Aragonés: A long-standing cartoonist for MAD magazine

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Baby girl names from San Diego Comic-Con guests

These female artists and writers have made a huge impact in an industry that was dominated by men in the past. We love this set of traditional, fun names that have a unique feel to them today. From Charlotte to Vera, these are our favorite baby girl names from SDCC guests.

  • Charlotte Fullerton: Writer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Faith Erin Hicks: Writer and comic book artist
  • Louise Simonson: Writer on Superman: Man of Steel
  • Ruth Sanderson: Illustrator known for fairy-tale picture books
  • Wendy Pini: Co-creator of Elfquest
  • Vera Brosgol: An artist on Coraline and ParaNorman

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Baby girl names from San Diego Comic-Con characters

Some of the best parts of SDCC aren’t the living people there, but the characters they portray and create. These are the top baby girl names inspired by characters you’re likely to hear about if you attend San Diego Comic-Con.

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