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Faux, kid-friendly sushi

Making sushi from candy is fun and entertaining for kids and adults alike!

Kid friendly sushi

Eating sushi doesn’t have to be “gross” for kids! Have fun with your kids by preparing candy sushi. Using prepared rice cereal treats, make candy “nigiri” by adding gummy treats on top and wrapping the pieces with fruit roll-ups. Create the sushi “rolls” by slicing store-bought roll cakes! Your kids will love showing off these “exotic” treats at school — just pop your goodies into a Ziploc snack bag and pack them in a lunchbox for a special surprise.


  • Prepared rice cereal treats cut into 1-inch wide by 3-inch long pieces
  • Store-bought roll cakes
  • Gummy candy (gummy worms, Swedish fish and red licorice work well)
  • Fruit roll-ups


  1. To make the “nigiri,” place a gummy treat, like a gummy worm, Swedish fish or piece of red licorice, on top of a rice cereal treat and affix it in place by wrapping it with a 1/2-inch wide strip of fruit roll-up.
  2. Slice different flavors of premade roll cakes into pieces and serve them alongside the “nigiri” as “sushi rolls.”

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