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Executive baby names

Do you hope that your baby someday scales the corporate ladder and lands a posh office while controlling the assets and future of a powerful company? These executive baby names may get your baby off on the right foot.

Baby CEO

Powerful, strong, intelligent and motivated — these adjectives can be used to describe some of today’s most successful executives, whether they be male or female. Giving your child a name worthy of the corner office may not guarantee future success, but they can really help him be taken seriously when he begins his college education and career.

Baby names from real-life executives

We’ve gathered the names of some of the most powerful and well-known executives. Many have sturdy, classic or traditional names, such as Anne and Edward, but there are some modern names in there too, such as Zoe and Spencer.

Executive baby names for girls

  • Andrea Jung, Avon Products
  • Angela Braly, WellPoint, Inc.
  • Anne Mulcahy, Xerox Corporation
  • Annika Falkengren, SEB, Sweden
  • Brenda Barnes, Sara Lee
  • Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, PepsiCo
  • Irene Rosenfeld, Mondelez International
  • Liz Claiborne, Liz Claiborne, Inc.
  • Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!
  • Mary Sammons, Rite Aid
  • Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard
  • Zoe Cruz, Morgan Stanley

Executive baby names for boys

  • Andrew Mason, Groupon
  • Edward Rosenfeld, Steven Madden, Ltd.
  • Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp
  • Jonathan Oringer, Shutterstock, Inc.
  • Justin Hutchens, National Health Investors
  • Kevin Plank, Under Armour
  • Larry Page, Google
  • Lyndon Rive, SolarCity Corporation
  • Mariner Kemper, UMB Financial Corporation
  • Marcus Ryu, Guidewire Software, Inc.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  • Robert Pera, Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
  • Spencer Rascoff, Zillow, Inc.
  • Steven Newby, Summit Midstream Partners, LP

Other executive baby name examples

You don’t have to name your kiddo after a CEO to help him get a good start in life. Trendy names are a fine choice, but most feel that classic or traditional names can really help a child as he grows up and fills out college or job applications. A cleverly-spelled name may help your child stand apart from his peers, but may not be the best tactic as some feel that unusual spellings can be hard on the child and those who are trying to spell or pronounce his name.

Try these steadfast traditional names on for size for your baby-to-be.

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