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Beyond the sandwich: Lunch items kids will love

It’s time to think outside of the sandwich when you’re preparing your kids’ lunches. Try these ideas for lunches that are a little more livened up!

Sandwiches are fast, easy and delicious — and we’re betting your kids are already sick of them. It’s time to think outside of the sandwich and come up with a lunch that’s a little more interesting. These bloggers have the right idea!

Homemade pie

Homemade pie

Image Credit: Grace at Eats Amazing

The next time you make a potpie for dinner, take a cue from Grace at Eats Amazing and bake up an extra one for lunches. The cute, cookie cutter shape not only makes it portable, but super fun for kids to eat!

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets

Image Credit: Kendra, from Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Chicken nuggets are more diverse than you think. There are other ways to serve them than with a side of ketchup! Blogger Kendra, from Biting the Hand that Feeds You, puts hers on skewers with meats, cheeses or veggies for a hands-on lunch little kids will love!



Image Credit: Keeley McGuire

What kid wouldn’t love to open his lunchbox and find all the fixings for nachos? Blogger Keeley McGuire uses extra taco meat to create nachos that are perfect for packing. We wouldn’t mind this lunch ourselves!


Dipables Hummus

Image Credit: Grace from Eats Amazing

Kids love to play with their food, so pack her a lunch that gives her permission! This amazing lunch by Grace from Eats Amazing consists of homemade hummus and everything her kiddo loves to dip. This one can easily be changed up according to your kid’s tastes. It’s fast, easy and healthy. Way to go, Mom!



Image Credit: Kendra from Biting the Hand that Feeds You

No one wants to be the mom that sends slices of last night’s pizza in today’s lunch. Kendra from Biting the Hand that Feeds You does it, and makes it look genius! She cuts the pizza into smaller pieces and skewers it with whatever she has on hand — meats, cheese, veggies and more — for a tasty lunch that’s more than just leftover pizza.



Image Credit: Jessica, from Chaos and Confections

Rice is very versatile, making it the perfect addition to almost any lunch. Eat alone, or with veggies or meats. Jessica, from Chaos and Confections, went with fried rice. Kids won’t eat anything that doesn’t look appealing, so we love that she pressed it into molds to make it look more appealing.

Quick Tip:

Give your kids a heads-up when you’re planning on sending something out of the ordinary. They’re more likely to eat it if you don’t catch them off guard.

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