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Send them to school with a secret care package

Everyone likes surprises, right? Send your kid to school with a secret care package in her backpack. It’s an easy way to bring a smile to her face in the middle of her day.

Let her know you’re thinking of her by slipping a secret care package into her backpack. It’s a great way to make her smile while she’s at school, and may just give her that boost she needs to get through the rest of the day!

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Homemade baked goods

Sometimes, you just need a little taste of home to get you through the day. Slip a few homemade cookies, a brownie or a muffin into her backpack before she heads off to school. If she’s not permitted to snack throughout the day, pack enough for her to share with her friends at lunch. She’ll be glad you thought of it, and you’ll be an instant rock star with all of her friends.

Crayons or colored pencils

Remember how cool it was to have new art supplies when you were young? There’s just something special about a box of untouched crayons. Surprise your little one with that treasure by slipping some new crayons, markers or colored pencils into her backpack. Chances are, she needs new ones, and even if she doesn’t she’ll be thrilled.

A note

Slip a note into her backpack to say hello throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be long (and there’s no need to get mushy, Mom!). Just keep it short, and give her a few encouraging words or a reminder you think she might need. She probably won’t share it with her friends, but she’ll love the fact that you sent it.

Keep it safe

Don’t let all your hard work and planning go to waste by letting your care package get smashed on the bottom of a packed-full backpack. Seal those notes and gift cards in sandwich bags, and use Ziploc Brand Twist ’n Loc containers to keep the larger, breakable items safe. They won’t get lost at the bottom of the bag, and the cookies won’t be reduced to crumbs before the first bell rings!

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Gift cards

Nothing helps the day go by faster than knowing you have something to look forward to when it’s over. Send an iTunes gift card so he can download some new songs on his bus ride home, or send a gift card to her favorite store with a note promising to take her there when she gets home


Check with your child’s school to find out what is and isn’t OK to send before you start planning your care packages.

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