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What the Dickens? Classic literary baby names

Old-fashioned baby names are coming back in style in a major way. Go big with a baby name steeped in tradition and history. If you’re low on inspiration, we’ve got just the place to find great baby names from the past — the novels of Charles Dickens.

Dickens baby names

You don’t need a degree in English literature to find great baby names from the classics. We took a look at some of the beloved Charles Dickens novels you read (or didn’t read) in high school to find traditional, old-fashioned baby names that are trending today.

The top 25 Dickensian baby girl names

While the women in Charles Dickens’ classics rarely had a great lot in life, they did have great names. These 25 girls names were popular in the 1800s and they’re still popular today. Some, like Madeline, are extremely common. Others, like Ada and Sally, are familiar but more unique. Try one of these traditional baby girl names on for size.

The top 25 Dickensian baby boy names

The works of Charles Dickens made names like Oliver classics. Go beyond Oliver with this list of great baby boy names from novels by Dickens. Some, like Edwin and Martin, are not particularly common today. Others, like Noah and Luke, continue to be extremely common. Whether you go unique or well-known, these are all beautiful baby boy names.

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Combining traditional baby names

For a very traditional baby boy name or baby girl name, try using these great Dickensian names together for lovely first and middle name combinations. James Edwin, Arthur Thomas and Jeremiah Lawrence are just a few quick boy combinations that sound very upscale, traditional and preppy. For girls, a common middle name is a great way to balance out a more unusual first name — for example, Florence Anne and Arabella Grace.

Dickensian last names that work as first names

Here are a few last names that can work as first names. Last names as first names are a growing trend, and often make unique but not unfamiliar names for baby girls and boys.

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