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Fruit salad sammies

Looking for a creative way to get your daily fruit serving? Try these yummy fruit salad sammies.


Peanut butter and fruit sandwich

PB and Fruit sandwich

Image Credit: Sylvia from Reel Flavor

We’ve all had a basic peanut butter and fruit sandwich, but this variation takes it to a new, mouth-watering level. Try experimenting with the fruit — kiwi, raspberries? The sky is the limit!

Get the recipe at Reel Flavor


Fruited chicken salad sandwich

Fruited Chicken Salad Sandwich

Image Credit: Crystal Bell from Bakeoff Flunkie

This chicken salad sandwich is a perfect way to get your daily fruit serving, and it’s packed with deliciousness. (Pineapple! Grapes! Mandarin oranges!) We’re already envisioning adding some Granny Smith apples to the mix.

Get the recipe at Bakeoff Flunkie


Gluten-free fruit sandwich

Gluten-Free Fruit Sandwich

Image Credit: Emily Smith from Best of This Life

A gluten-free sandwich that’s tasty, as well as a work of art. This version includes sautéed apples, strawberry coulis and cheddar cheese, but we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to add peaches? Maybe over Colby jack cheese? So many wonderful, healthy possibilities.

Get the recipe at Best of This Life


Nutella waffle sandwich

Nutella Waffle Sandwich

Image Credit: AJ from Disney Food Blog

For all you Disney lovers out there, recreate a Magic Kingdom classic! A Belgian waffle sandwich topped with Nutella, (lots of Nutella!) and fresh fruit. You could add peanut butter to spice things up, but really, they had us at Nutella.

For more information, visit the Disney Food Blog

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