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Have you seen SheKnows TV recently? We’ve had a lot going on over here as we worked to bring you our newest SheKnows shows. Browse a handful of our latest and greatest shows and dive in to some of the freshest features and content we’ve put together around these web series.

SheKnows TV introduces:

SheKnows HomeStretch: Season 2

HomeStretch matches two families with two talented designers and gives them just two days to make over a room in their house. Oh yeah, all for under $2,000!

This season, it’s the battle of the boys… boys’ rooms, that is.

Watch the room transformations, vote for your favorite, enter to win $500 cash, and walk away with some of our favorite quick fixes for the home, kids room themes, and budget-friendly décor ideas.

Check out SheKnows Home Stretch: Season 2 >>



SheKnows Delicious Life Challenge

Watch as four women pair up with four knowledgeable experts: a nutritionist, a stylist, a life coach and a trainer, to overhaul their lives physically and emotionally. Follow along throughout their journey as they take the challenge to improve themselves inside and out.

Quiz yourself on your own knowledge of healthful decisions and enter to win a SpaFinder Wellness Prize Pack!

Watch the SheKnows Delicious Life Challenge >>



SheKnows HomErgency

SheKnows HomErgency takes home improvement to a whole new level as the SheKnows team of contractors and designers sets out to give one family’s home a much needed makeover. Watch the project unfold on SheKnows TV as the home goes from drab to fab.

Get DIY tips to freshen up your own home, flip through before and after photos and more!

Watch SheKnows HomErgency >>


The team has done some great work on these new sites, and we’re proud to share them with you.
We hope you’ll enjoy!



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