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Nina Sutton, SheKnows Beauty ExpertNina Sutton

SheKnows Beauty Expert

Nina Sutton is a Beauty and Mommy Lifestyle expert. As current host and beauty expert for Walmart’s Pretty.Smart (online and in-store), Nina gives easy, real world, affordable beauty tips on skincare, fragrance, hair care, makeup and more.

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Chef Doug Brochu, SheKnows Food Expert

Chef Doug Brochu

SheKnows Food Expert

Following motherly advice to “do what you love,” Chef Doug Brochu is now using his carpe diem spirit to share his passions for food with the world via the Daily Dish at This is nothing unusual for him, as one of his recent projects included a series of cooking webcasts, at To Grill or Not to Grill. He explains, “I’ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge about food – including the subtleties not conveyed in a written recipe. Our video projects gave me a chance to convey that.”

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Michelle Dudash, SheKnows Health ExpertMichelle Dudash

SheKnows Health Expert

Michelle Dudash, Registered, Certified Dietitian, is nationally recognized as an expert in teaching people how health and food can happily co-exist. Through her 18 years of food business experience as a Le Cordon Bleu certified chef having cooked at a five star restaurant and as a private chef for the rich and famous, Michelle knows good food.

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Robin Baron, SheKnows Living ExpertRobin Baron

SheKnows Living Expert

Robin Baron, a creative, energetic New York City native, has successfully built her interior design firm, Robin Baron Design, over the past 20 years. Robin began her career as a fashion designer and understands that like fashion, home design has a significant influence on attitudes, energy, and inspiration.

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Dr. Noelle Nelson, SheKnows Love Expert

Dr. Noelle Nelson

SheKnows Love Expert

Dr. Noelle Nelson is a relationship expert and an internationally respected psychologist, author and seminar leader. She has given life-changing guidance to couples for more than 20 years.

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