Introducing… Baby Banter!

We are proud to announce a very special delivery today — the stork dropped by with one of the silliest bundles of babies you’ve ever met. With their cute little dimples and chubbie fingers and toes these babies are rockin’ an attitude like you’ve never seen before. And best yet… they blog!

If you’ve ever wondered what babies were thinking, these little critters will tell it like it is!

Meet the babies:

Juan “Baby Lucha”
His name is Juan Carlos José Alejandro De La Garza, but everyone calls him Baby Lucha. He likes cat litter, ketchup packets, house keys, remote controls, anything shiny, luchadores (hence the nickname), power tools, and chocolate milk.
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Olive “Bumble Babe”
Her name is Olive, and she’s just your above-average baby girl making her way through this crazy world of naptimes, babysitters and annoying older brothers. She’s, like, super successful and her mom tells me so every day.
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Quinn “Baby Q”
His name is Quinn, Baby Q, for short. He was named after the family dog (who’s a girl to make matters worse!) and you can bet he will be suing when he can afford a proper alligator — or is it litigator? He plopped into this world from a drug-free belly into a pool of home birth water.
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Ryan “The Rockstar”
Here’s what you should know about Ryan: first of all, she’s a girl — people get confused by the name and lack of hair on her head. As you may have guessed by her advanced vocabulary, she’s crazy smart. She has an uncanny knack for telling it like it is, but deep down she’s still a big mush.
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Just try to resist ’em — we dare you!

Visit Baby Banter and find out what the babies are saying…


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