Are you an expert? Join the SheKnows Experts advisory panel! is looking for energetic, consumer-oriented resources who are motivated and interested in writing about their favorite topics while serving as expert advisors on SheKnows Experts!

SheKnows experts

SheKnows Experts is a place where experts in a variety of fields come together to share tips, new information, resources and valuable advice for women.

SheKnows readers are intelligent, savvy and always looking for solutions to both everyday and other timely needs. Our entire team takes pride in creating quality, informative and entertaining content throughout our network of websites!

Answers & advice for our readers

Our philosophy always includes “can do, how to” elements. We are dedicated to providing suggestions and advice from various perspectives, always inviting feedback from the community to ever enhance the exploration of any given topic.

That’s where you come in.

Show off your expertise! Are you a doctor, author, teacher, chef or other kind of professional? We would love for you to help give our readers the inside scoop or the secrets that only the experts know! Think: helpful — specific — clever — unique.

It’s the little things that matter.

For instance:

Instead of saying simply: “Cook pasta according to package directions.”

Think of offering details like: “When you are adding pasta to the boiling water, make sure to submerge it all immediately. Then stir the pasta right away with a wooden spoon or fork, and again every minute or so thereafter.”

What’s in it for you?

Our editors select the best expert content to promote in our flash panels, newsletters and landing pages on SheKnows to share with our readership of 45 million plus! Experts get a byline and 75-word writer’s credit at the end of each article, which can include a link to your site or social networking page.

What you can do

We have four content styles available for experts: How-to, Top 10, Q&A and the standard Article format. See some examples below.


Top 10 lists:

Expert Q&A:


Let’s hear from you!

We plan to debut the new SheKnows Experts section of our site very soon, and are looking to fill these spots immediately! If you’re interested, let us know by submitting your information and article using the Editorial – General link here.

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