An open letter to Beyonce Knowles

Dear Beyonce, You’ve rocked our world with Single Ladies. From your signature and unmistakable dance moves, to your hairstyle, to those superfab curves of yours that send us into a guilt trip every time we indulge in pretty much anything that isn’t celery. But I have to tell ya… some of these videos that you’ve inspired have nearly one-upped you.

Like this one when Dad shatters his son’s world by pointing out that he… sadly… is not a single lady.

And this little starlet as she masters your every move:

And, of course, the bootylicious moves that will rock this diva to stardom beyond the diapers:

Joe Jonas and JT are even nipping at your heels with this one; (We think you’re safe)

And even this… er… “nontraditional” version that we pray to high heavens is just a joke?? It may hurt our eyes just a bit but we just can’t look away, for some reason.

And this one, is so weird… just so bizarre that we don’t know what her intentions were, but watch through the end. Really…

You’re still incredible and we won’t stop waiting on the edge of our seats for what you come up with next, but I just wanted to warn you… You have some serious competition out there 🙂


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