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What do the SheKnows Editors like?

If she wants to know it, we want to cover it! We encourage and favor originality, creativity and interactive twists on the ordinary, and love a good “how-to, can-do” angle.

We are currently looking for new additions to our team of fabulous freelance divas. We want gals who can parlay their interests into colorful, witty, engaging, inspiring and expertly researched articles for our website — all written in the true SheKnows style. No fluff. No flack. Just awesome ideas that become invaluable resources for our female audience.

Our editorial content aspires to make life easier for the modern single, the busy mom and the multitasking maven. Most importantly, it’s real.

Idea central

Here are just a few of our favorite past articles, so you can get a sense of content and tone: 

  1. Save money! Finding and using printable coupons and online coupon codes
  2. Outrageously gorgeous hair: Why celebs have it and we can’t
  3. How to navigate the crazy world of online dating
  4. 2-Day bathroom makeover
  5. The Bachelor contestant survival kit
  6. Decorating diva: Creative uses for mason jars
  7. 5 Celebrity diet secrets that work
  8. Motivate yourself in 8 easy steps
  9. How to make a bowl out of buttons
  10. Top 10 things to do with wine besides drink it

We are interested in original, unpublished content on the following topics:

  • Entertainment & celebs
  • Family, parenting & pregnancy
  • Food, cooking & recipes
  • Beauty, fashion & style
  • Home DIY, improvement & decor
  • Budgeting, savings & career
  • Relationships, marriage, dating & breakups
  • Crafts & activities
  • Local and/or regional features

A few ideas for article structure:

  • Step-by-step how-to guides
  • Bulleted or numbered lists
  • Question & answer
  • Checklists
  • Top 10 lists

What are we looking for?

For new articles, we are generally seeking information from experts in a variety of fields as well as features custom-written by journalists and others with appropriate writing skills and style.

We like articles based on research and interviews, presented with a friendly, accessible approach, and — of course — written specifially for our audience. We are particularly interested in articles formatted with easy-to-read, bullet-pointed tips, five or more numbered items, or “action lists” to summarize/augment the piece.

Our features run from 350 to 500 words, depending on the subject/specific assignment, and may be formatted over multiple pages with accompanying images.

The best guides for writers are the sites themselves — not just for style and tone, but also because we have covered many topics over the years and have more than 30,000 articles online.

We’re happy to work with previously unpublished writers if their style and skills meet our standards for content. (Note: We are not seeking any fiction pieces at this time.)

Additional requirements

We hope you love the work you write for SheKnows, and will want to share it with the world! On that note, we now require our writers to promote all of their SK articles and features via social media. That means you need to at least tweet about your latest work and “Like” it on Facebook (and promote via social media otherwise as you see fit — Google +1, Pinterest, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon, etc).

If, for some reason, you do not feel comfortable posting your SK articles to your personal social media accounts, you may create new accounts for your freelance persona.

How to submit an article


Your pitch can be a brief overview of your idea or the full text.


Draft your article in the following format:

Meta keywords (if unknown, please leave blank):
50-word summary of article:
Body Copy:


Before submitting your article to our editors, please make sure you meet all of SheKnows writers guidelines and requirements:

  • Author’s contact information included
  • Article is completely original, and not published elsewhere on the web
  • Article is written with unbiased views and non-advertorial style
  • Submission is an article, rather than a press release
  • Article length is 450-600 words (unless otherwise assigned)
  • Photo included, wherever possible, submitted as .jpg, .png or .gif
  • 50- to 75-word about-the-author blurb


Submit your article or pitch here: Article Submission Email >>

** Please note that only complete submissions that meet all of the above requirements will be reviewed. An editor will contact you if we decide to publish your submission.

SheKnows StyleGuide

Be sure to review the SheKnows StyleGuide for editorial standards and expectations!


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