6 Things that should be in every bachelorette party kit (VIDEO)

You obviously want your friend’s bachelorette party to be a blast. With this DIY bachelorette party kit, you’ll make her night one to remember with a few simple party favors.

1. A special shirt for the bride

Make your own bedazzled bride shirt or pick one up from the store.

2. A custom cup for bride

Make sure your bride has the perfect cup to drink out of with one that’s meant just for her.

3. A veil for the bride

It’s a bachelorette party tradition for the bride to wear a veil, so don’t let your bride-to-be slack.

4. A game to play

There are so many different games you can play at a bachelorette party. Some are a little naughty, and some are just plain hilarious. This website has an endless list of games for you and your girlfriends to choose from.

5. Caution tape

Chances are, you and your girls might get a little rowdy. Let everyone know what you’re up to with this warning tape.

6. Tags/pins for the bridesmaids

Although it is all about the bride, the rest of the girls need to stand out too. Go all out with the works: buttons, name tags, glasses, sashes and necklaces that show your support for the bride.

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