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Every Time Celebrities Got Real About Sex

When it comes to sex, there are lots of celebrities who have no fear whatsoever of getting real. In fact, in a refreshing way, many famous people over the years have adopted a more open, sex-positive and admittedly amusing approach to talking about their sex lives, sexuality, the kinds of toys they like to use and even what turns them on.

We feel like we’ve gotten to know these candid celebrities a bit better and maybe — just maybe — we end up learning something about sex and sexuality in the process. Plus, who doesn’t love saucy insight into the lives of various celebrities? Bring it on.

So, we present you with a selection of times when celebrities you know got candid about sex. Whether it’s someone you follow on social media whose in-depth interviews you read voraciously or who has made a movie or TV show or song you’ve enjoyed recently, you’ll be shocked (in a really good way!) to see what these celebs have to say about sex.

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