13 Sex Educators You Should Follow on Instagram

Mar 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Sex Educator Woman in Lingerie in Front of a Blackboard
Image: Getty Images

The journey toward sexual enlightenment and sexual fulfillment is, some might argue, a never-ending, lifelong journey. Hopefully, that doesn't sound like too much of a slog because it shouldn't be; it should be fun! Even if you're not a certified health professional or sex educator, it doesn't mean you can't continue to explore and grow your knowledge of sex and sexuality. 

That said, if you're looking to push the boundaries of your own knowledge, you might consider following some truly amazing female sex educators on Instagram. Not only is it easy to click follow (versus checking out The Joy of Sex for the umpteenth time at your local library...) but incorporating more sex educators and their volumes of wisdom into your Instagram feed could make for an unexpectedly thrilling scroll. 

You might stumble upon a post that touts the benefits of a trusty new sex toy, read an in-depth explanation of an aspect of sexuality you never thought about or even get some tips on a new position to work into your sex rotation. Plus, you get all of this sexual magic from the minds and mouths of experts who bring to the table a sensitivity, intelligence and earnestness to help you reconnect with your sexual self that is wholly refreshing. 

So, who should you follow? Keep clicking to check out my recommendations. 

1 /13: Juliet Allen

1/13 :Juliet Allen

2 /13: Ericka Hart

2/13 :Ericka Hart

3 /13: Domina Franco

3/13 :Domina Franco

4 /13: Sister Nurse Joy

4/13 :Sister Nurse Joy

5 /13: Clitorosity

5/13 :Clitorosity

6/13 :Jaiya

7 /13: Luna Dietrich

7/13 :Luna Dietrich

8 /13: Rachel Rae Halder

8/13 :Rachel Rae Halder

9 /13: Amber Leitz

9/13 :Amber Leitz

10 /13: Ashae Sundara

10/13 :Ashae Sundara

11 /13: Dominque

11/13 :Dominque

12 /13: Tristan Taormino

12/13 :Tristan Taormino

13 /13: Emily Morse

13/13 :Emily Morse