13 Sex Toys for the Crystal-Loving Witchy Types

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Oct 25, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Heart-pounding, breath shortening, a trip to climax-town. It doesn’t take much for your favorite vibe to get you there. We’re so used to working toward the finish line, we can forget to enjoy the journey. It’s time for a little more respect for our senses. We’re seeking an energetic alignment. Invigorate all our senses. A conversation with the divine.

That’s where these toys come in. If you’ve been known to haunt your local crystal shop, flip a tarot card or two or collect herbs to commune with nature, these sex toys will speak to you. Whether you’re partnered or single, these playthings have a place for every encounter. Body-safe, nature-friendly and often beautiful to look at, these toys will turn your pleasure chest into an altar of arousal.

We’re bringing the yogic breath to the bedroom. Cast a sex spell, sip a love potion and om into the night with these sex toys.

1 /14: Polished glass dildo

1/14 :Polished glass dildo

Made from polished glass, this dildo is perfect for temperature play — warm it up or cool it down with water.

Polished glass dildo, $39 at Wild Flower

2 /14: Rose quartz dildo

2/14 :Rose quartz dildo

Made from pure rose quartz, this crystal dildo claims it’s capable of “dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments” while it “circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.”

Rose quartz dildo, $150 at Chakrubs

3 /14: Metal butt plugs

3/14 :Metal butt plugs

Purposefully weighted, these anal plugs are helpful in strengthening pelvic muscles and stimulating the prostate in a male partner.

Metal butt plugs, $65 at GoodVibes

4 /14: Nephrite jade yoni egg

4/14 :Nephrite jade yoni egg

According to Yoni Eggs, nephrite jade is a stone recognized for its healing properties, and it also is known to be useful for remembering dreams and “connection to ancient wisdom.”

Nephrite jade yoni egg, $63 at Love Stone

5 /14: Wooden dildo

5/14 :Wooden dildo

Perfect for your inner woodland creature, these dildos are hand-designed, made with the finest woods and finished with a waterproof varnish.

Wooden dildo, $94 at Dee Lee Doo

6 /14: Leaf-shaped vibrator

6/14 :Leaf-shaped vibrator

Waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe and phthalate-free, this vibrator is shaped like a leaf to put you in your most natural state of pleasure.

Leaf-shaped vibrator, $125 at Leaf+

7 /14: Obsidian butt plug

7/14 :Obsidian butt plug

This anal plug made of 100 percent obsidian promises to take you deep into your subconscious to “access blocked energy” and face your truest self.

Obsidian butt plug, $145 at Chakrubs

8 /14: Organic lubricant

8/14 :Organic lubricant

Made with 95 percent organic ingredients, this lubricant is vegan-friendly and has a healing aloe vera base. It’s never tested on animals.

Organic lubricant, $9 at Sliquid

9 /14: Feather tickler

9/14 :Feather tickler

This black-feathered tickler is perfect for teasing the witchiest of women.

Feather tickler, $7 at Wild Flower

10 /14: Sex fortune cards

10/14 :Sex fortune cards

Get a little mystical with your foreplay and predict each other’s sexual futures with these sex fortune tarot cards.

Sex fortune cards, $9 at Spencer's

11 /14: Warm-drip candles

11/14 :Warm-drip candles

Kneel at the altar of these warm-drip candles specifically designed for sensual experiences.

Warm-drip candles, $10 at Wild Flower

12 /14: Aphrodisiac essential oils

12/14 :Aphrodisiac essential oils

Enliven the senses with a blended potion of aphrodisiac essential oils, including sweet orange, vetiver and jasmine.

Aphrodisiac essential oils, $7 at Edens Garden

13 /14: Vegan collar

13/14 :Vegan collar

Obey the whims of your pleasure with this vegan BDSM collar with realistic faux leather, custom-fit for your exact measurements.

Vegan collar, $30 at Von Bondage

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