13 Sex Toys for the Crystal-Loving Witchy Types

Oct 25, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: Images: Wild Flower, Chakrubs, LeafVibes/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

Heart-pounding, breath shortening, a trip to climax-town. It doesn’t take much for your favorite vibe to get you there. We’re so used to working toward the finish line, we can forget to enjoy the journey. It’s time for a little more respect for our senses. We’re seeking an energetic alignment. Invigorate all our senses. A conversation with the divine.

That’s where these toys come in. If you’ve been known to haunt your local crystal shop, flip a tarot card or two or collect herbs to commune with nature, these sex toys will speak to you. Whether you’re partnered or single, these playthings have a place for every encounter. Body-safe, nature-friendly and often beautiful to look at, these toys will turn your pleasure chest into an altar of arousal.

We’re bringing the yogic breath to the bedroom. Cast a sex spell, sip a love potion and om into the night with these sex toys.

1 /14: Polished glass dildo

1/14 :Polished glass dildo

2 /14: Rose quartz dildo

2/14 :Rose quartz dildo

3 /14: Metal butt plugs

3/14 :Metal butt plugs

4 /14: Nephrite jade yoni egg

4/14 :Nephrite jade yoni egg

5 /14: Wooden dildo

5/14 :Wooden dildo

6 /14: Leaf-shaped vibrator

6/14 :Leaf-shaped vibrator

7 /14: Obsidian butt plug

7/14 :Obsidian butt plug

8 /14: Organic lubricant

8/14 :Organic lubricant

9 /14: Feather tickler

9/14 :Feather tickler

10 /14: Sex fortune cards

10/14 :Sex fortune cards

11 /14: Warm-drip candles

11/14 :Warm-drip candles

12 /14: Aphrodisiac essential oils

12/14 :Aphrodisiac essential oils

13 /14: Vegan collar

13/14 :Vegan collar

14 /14: Pin it!

Image: Images: Wild Flower, Chakrubs, LeafVibes/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

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