All the Reasons to Try Using a Butt Plug

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Sep 30, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET
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If your sex toy collection only includes toys meant for clitoral or G-spot stimulation, it might be time to start shopping. If you’ve been stuck thinking that plugs were only a way to work toward eventual anal sex, think again. “Butt plugs can also be an amazing way to experience anal pleasure beyond prepping for anal sex,” Alicia Sinclair, founder and CEO of b-Vibe told us. And you don’t need a prostate to enjoy them.

“There are many reasons someone with a vagina might want to consider a butt plug. Anal play provides multiple opportunities for different forms of physical pleasure,” she said.

Whether you’re in for a solo vibe, partnered pressure points or just for the latest in sex toy tech, there’s a plug for you. They’re popular, pleasurable and technologically advanced. Here are some reasons you might want to consider adding one to your private collection.

1 /10: Sphincters have all kinds of nerve endings

1/10 :Sphincters have all kinds of nerve endings

For vagina owners and penis owners alike, the butt is a super-sensitive area that’s receptive to pleasure. And there are a lot of ways to get there. “The anal sphincter is an incredibly sensitive muscle,” Sinclair told us. “One can enjoy different stimulating sensations — whether from oral pleasure or with a toy like a plug or through vibration.“

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2 /10: The 'A-spot'

2/10 :The 'A-spot'

Nope, it’s not in your butt — but you can sometimes stimulate it from there. The anterior fornix erogenous zone is “a pleasure zone a bit further up from the G-spot on the back wall of the vagina,” Sinclair said. You can find it via your vagina with fingers or a toy by putting pressure above the cervix, close to your belly button. Vibrating butt plugs may also help to stimulate the area because the anus and this part of the cervix share a wall.

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3 /10: The feeling of taboo adds mental stimulation

3/10 :The feeling of taboo adds mental stimulation

“There is still a bit of a taboo about butt stuff that can make it feel special or sexier,” Sinclair said. And since butt plugs are something you can explore solo or with your partner, it’s a safe, sexy way to try something new.

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4 /10: Plugs aren’t just plugs anymore

4/10 :Plugs aren’t just plugs anymore

Although the first thing to come to mind when you think of a butt plug is a stationary piece of plastic, butt plugs have gotten quite sophisticated. They can vibrate or make come-hither motions and some even simulate the feeling of rimming.

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5 /10: They can stimulate clitoral tissue

5/10 :They can stimulate clitoral tissue

“The clitoris is a much larger structure than many people think,” Sinclair said. “The clitoral legs can extend back far around the external mouth of the vagina, so external vibration or deep rumbly sensations that extend far from the source can stimulate these legs. Vibrating butt plugs are one way to stimulate the clitoral legs, especially because many clitoris owners are fans of vibration.” Look for plugs with multiple vibration settings and even remote-controlled options, which can add extra fun.

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6 /10: You can wear them outside the bedroom

6/10 :You can wear them outside the bedroom

Yep, some toys are designed to be worn out in your daily life. “Plugs can also be a great toy for public play, which has the additional bonus of feeling forbidden or secretive.“

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7 /10: They can add a feeling of fullness

7/10 :They can add a feeling of fullness

“Pressure is a great way to up the ante during sex,” Sinclair said. “Vagina owners may find that using a butt plug, which can push on the shared wall between the bum and the vagina during penis-in-vagina sex increases the pressure sensation for more intense pleasure.” The pressure can also give the penis owner an increased sense of tightness. Fun for both partners!

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8 /10: They’re pleasurable for prostates

8/10 :They’re pleasurable for prostates

“If you have a prostate, it can be stimulated via anal play, which often creates an intense, full-body orgasm,” Sinclair said. “Many plugs can help achieve this with the added help of contracting the PC [editor’s note: Kegel] muscles (yes men have them too) or spanking, which causes the plug to tap on the prostate — the ideal form of stimulation for that pleasure zone.“

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9 /10: They’re a smart way to ease into anal sex

9/10 :They’re a smart way to ease into anal sex

“If you’re looking to ease into penetrative anal sex, I always suggest anal training, which can absolutely be done with butt plugs and will slowly and safely ease your body into anal sex,” Sinclair said. “To start, I usually suggest exploring your own body. Get to know your butt the same way you got to know your penis or vagina — touch it, become familiar with it, and start small with a finger.”

If using your fingers isn’t appealing to you, small plugs are a great option Sinclair recommended. From there, you can explore larger or different-shaped plugs as you work your way toward penetrative anal sex. As always: Don’t forget the lube.

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10 /10: They’re good for swapping power dynamics

10/10 :They’re good for swapping power dynamics

Finally, it’s an interesting way to change things up in a sexual partnership. “Butt plugs are also a great way to enjoy partner play and have fun with switching up the dynamics,” Sinclair said. “Use a butt plug on the traditional ‘giver’ versus the ‘receiver’ and you may enjoy totally new ways to find pleasure together.“

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