51 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas for Every Person in Your Life

by Julie Sprankles
Jan 31, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to send love out into the universe, so why not dole out gift baskets on this heart-shaped holiday? We're not just talking about presents of the romantic persuasion (although we included them too, of course) — we've compiled gift basket ideas for all the key players in your life, like:

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1 /62: For your BFF

1/62 :For your BFF

Show your ride-or-die how much she means to you with these Valentine's Day gift basket ideas.

2 /62: 'Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal'

2/62 :'Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal'

Delight your bookish bestie with this reader's journal  for noting top tomes. (Uncommon Goods, $15)

3 /62: Stemless fountain aerating wine glass set

3/62 :Stemless fountain aerating wine glass set

Self-aerating wine glasses let you decant your vino to perfection over girl talk. (Uncommon Goods, $56)

4 /62: Valentine's Kisses

4/62 :Valentine's Kisses

Valentine's Day and Hershey's Kisses go together like, well, you and your BFF. And chocolate. (Hershey's)

5 /62: Charmed pom-pom keychain

5/62 :Charmed pom-pom keychain

She'll feel trés chic toting her keys around on this charmed pom-pom keychain. (Anthropologie, $13)

6 /62: Serenflipity Everyday Adventure cards

6/62 :Serenflipity Everyday Adventure cards

Make sure her life is as exciting as she makes yours with these fun adventure cards. (Anthropologie, $13)

7/62 :For your boss

Having a great boss is a gift unto itself, so show your gratitude with these gift picks.

8/62 :FreeCode fountain pen

A luxurious fountain pen is the perfect instrument for your boss's daily to-do lists. (Amazon, $7)

9/62 :Big Personality desk signs

A cheeky desk sign will provide your boss a much-needed dose of levity on long days. (Uncommon Goods, $28)

10 /62: Tea Forte Earl Grey organic loose leaf tea

10/62 :Tea Forte Earl Grey organic loose leaf tea

Hey, being the boss is stressful stuff! Help her wind down with a tin of Earl Grey tea. (Amazon, $15)

11 /62: LifeSky insulated travel coffee mug

11/62 :LifeSky insulated travel coffee mug

A chic champagne-hued travel mug ensures her latte makes the morning commute. (Amazon, $16)

12/62 :Notepaper roller

Your list-loving boss will adore you for finding this memo pad that dispenses note paper. (Uncommon Goods, $28)

13/62 :For your co-worker

These gift picks will let your favorite co-worker know that your friendship extends beyond the cubicle.

14/62 :Bottle-cleaning beans

Edamame-shaped sponges ensure they don't lose their favorite water bottle to funk. (Uncommon Goods, $6)

15/62 :Desktop skee ball

A desktop skee ball game is the perfect remedy for that after-lunch energy slump. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

16 /62: 'But first, coffee' thermal mug

16/62 :'But first, coffee' thermal mug

Help boost her office productivity with a chic thermal mug that keeps coffee hot. (Amazon, $19)

17/62 :Percy the Pencil Porcupine

What could be cuter atop your co-worker's desk than a porcupine pencil holder? (Uncommon Goods, $19)

18 /62: Knock Knock office citation notepad

18/62 :Knock Knock office citation notepad

A citation notepad lets your co-worker lightheartedly air grievances over office transgressions. (Amazon, $6)

19 /62: For your mom

19/62 :For your mom

The woman who raised you undoubtedly deserves all the gifts

20 /62: 'What I Love About Mom By Me' book

20/62 :'What I Love About Mom By Me' book

This pocket-size prompt book gives Mom a sweet pick-me-up any time she opens it. (Uncommon Goods, $10)

21 /62: My Whole Heart layered necklace

21/62 :My Whole Heart layered necklace

Full disclosure: Your mom will likely tear up when she sees this family circle pendant. (Gifts.com, $84)

22 /62: Long-distance touch lamps

22/62 :Long-distance touch lamps

Long-distance touch lamps are sure to brighten Mom's day whenever she misses you. (Uncommon Goods, $75+)

23 /62: 'Olive You Mom' coffee mug

23/62 :'Olive You Mom' coffee mug

Punny and sentimental? It doesn't get much better than this olive-themed coffee mug for moms. (Etsy, $18)

24 /62: 'My Family Cookbook'

24/62 :'My Family Cookbook'

This fill-in-the-pages cookbook is sure to become a family heirloom in your mom's hands. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

25/62 :For your dad

If you adore your dad as much as we adore ours, you'll definitely want to dote on him with these gifts.

26 /62: Yeti Rambler insulated bottle

26/62 :Yeti Rambler insulated bottle

No matter what Dad is drinking, it'll stay safe for the sippin' in this vacuum-sealed Yeti Rambler. (Amazon, $29)

27/62 :Gentleman's card deck

Dad will love having these high-class cards up his sleeve! (Uncommon Goods, $15)

28/62 :Dad's 'ice cream plow'

The way to any dad's heart is through his stomach, making this "ice cream plow" a fitting gift. (Amazon, $15)

29 /62: Whiskey barrel bolt-action bullet pen

29/62 :Whiskey barrel bolt-action bullet pen

These beautiful whiskey barrel bolt-action pens combine dad's love of spirits and sporting. (Etsy, $39+)

30/62 :Himalayan salt BBQ plank

If your dad is king of the kitchen, a Himalayan salt BBQ plank will royally please him. (Uncommon Goods, $30)

31 /62: For your sister

31/62 :For your sister

If you're lucky enough to have a sister, you're lucky enough! Show her how fortunate you feel with these gifts.

32 /62: Mermaid hair care set

32/62 :Mermaid hair care set

All sisters dream of being mermaids together, so this mermaid hair care set is kismet. (Anthropologie, $75)

33/62 :Wine pearls

Pearls that chill wine? These special vino orbs will make a splash with sis. (Uncommon Goods, $25)

34 /62: ScentSimple eucalyptus candle

34/62 :ScentSimple eucalyptus candle

If anyone deserves R&R, it's your sweet sister — a calming eucalyptus candle should do the trick. (Amazon, $16)

35 /62: Copper & brass pitcher with spoon

35/62 :Copper & brass pitcher with spoon

You can surely help sis think of a lovely libation to fill this luxe copper and brass pitcher. (Terrain, $88)

36 /62: Himalayan salt body scrub

36/62 :Himalayan salt body scrub

She'll dig that this Himalayan salt body scrub has natural health properties like anti-aging. (Amazon, $10)

37/62 :For your brother

Sure, he drives you crazy sometimes — but you still love your bro, and he'll really love these gifts.

38/62 :NES classic edition

Now's your chance to show him who the Mario Bros. master really is thanks to this NES classic. (Nintendo, $60)

39 /62: Electric breakfast sandwich maker

39/62 :Electric breakfast sandwich maker

Make his dream of living off breakfast sandwiches a reality with this Hamilton Beach accessory. (Amazon, $24)

40/62 :Fulton & Roark solid cologne

Not only is this solid cologne cool, but it also boasts an implied "you stink" sibling jab. (Cool Material, $42)

41/62 :Bluetooth tracking tag

Since he's always losing stuff, do him a solid with this Bluetooth tracking tag. (Uncommon Goods, $40)

42/62 :Beer-chilling coaster set

A beer-chilling coaster set will convince your bro you are the coolest sis ever. (Uncommon Goods, $68)

43/62 :Beer-infused BBQ sauce set

Beer plus BBQ sauce equals one super-happy brother on Valentine's Day. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

44 /62: For your significant other

44/62 :For your significant other

Valentine's Day gives you the perfect excuse to lavish your love with affection (and gifts). 

45 /62: All-new Echo Dot

45/62 :All-new Echo Dot

They'll go nuts over the modern convenience of the voice-controlled Echo Dot. (Amazon, $50)

46 /62: Manly Man soap

46/62 :Manly Man soap

He'll feel like the strappin' stud he is when he uses this all-natural Manly Man soap. (Amazon, $10)

47/62 :"On the rocks" set

He'll appreciate the implicit pun of these "on the rocks" drink-chilling granite discs. (Uncommon Goods, $34)

48 /62: '642 Things About You (That I Love)' book

48/62 :'642 Things About You (That I Love)' book

When you love someone, you should tell them — with this journal you can fill with sweet nothings. (Anthropologie, $10)

49/62 :Ticket stub diary

Turn every memory into a memento — and vice versa — with a ticket stub diary. (Uncommon Goods, $12)

50 /62: For your daughter

50/62 :For your daughter

Your daughter has a huge piece of your heart, and these gifts will remind her just how much. 

51 /62: Bluetooth droplet speaker

51/62 :Bluetooth droplet speaker

This Bluetooth droplet speaker ensures she has a soundtrack for singing in the shower. (Uncommon Goods, $75)

52 /62: Slumber party mini box of questions

52/62 :Slumber party mini box of questions

Your favorite girl will get a kick out of gabbing with her BFFs over this slumber party game. (Edible Gifts Plus, $10)

53 /62: Circle of Love necklace

53/62 :Circle of Love necklace

Every time your girl glimpses this circular necklace, she'll know your love is infinite. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

54 /62: SmileyWorld personalized mini-notepads

54/62 :SmileyWorld personalized mini-notepads

Personalized notepads provide a perfect spot for her to jot notes... to you, of course. (Personalization Mall, $14)

55 /62: iPhone charger sticker faces set

55/62 :iPhone charger sticker faces set

Put a smile on your tech-savvy daughter's face with these funny iPhone charger stickers. (Uncommon Goods, $13)

56/62 :For your son

Let the special bond you share with your son shine through in these thoughtful gifts. 

57 /62: Converse custom Chuck Taylor sneakers

57/62 :Converse custom Chuck Taylor sneakers

Want to earn serious cool mom cred? Give your son a pair of custom Chuck Taylor kicks. (Nike, $50)

58/62 :Voice changer

It's essentially a law of nature that boys find voice changers like this one endlessly entertaining. (NatGeo, $20)

59 /62: Space pod playhouse

59/62 :Space pod playhouse

Ground control to Major Tom — you'll be a rock star when he sees this play space pod. (Uncommon Goods, $80)

60/62 :My comic book kit

Let him be the superhero of his own story with this DIY comic book set. (Uncommon Goods, $30)

61 /62: '100 Things to Do Before Your Grow Up' book

61/62 :'100 Things to Do Before Your Grow Up' book

Boys beeline toward adventure, so your little explorer is sure to love this bucket list book. (NatGeo, $10)

62 /62: If you love it, pin it!

62/62 :If you love it, pin it!

Don't let the chance to spread love this Valentine's Day slip by — pin this gift guide for later.