The top 10 anniversary gifts that aren't even a little cheesy

by Bethany Ramos
Oct 13, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Anniversary gift
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You can probably think back to a time when you went all out celebrating your first anniversary. And while any anniversary is always cause for celebration, put a few more miles on the odometer, it becomes harder and harder to pick out that perfect gift. Flowers and candy have their time and place, but they can get pretty old after a while. Giving a gift that is totally unexpected (and totally thoughtful) can remind your partner of how much they mean to you, without having to say a word.

We didn't consult the traditional Paper, Cotton, Leather, Wood anniversary gift list for this one -- we went totally rogue. If you're truly stumped while shopping for an anniversary gift, we've got close to a dozen randomly romantic gift ideas to get you started.

1 /11: Groupon class

1/11 :Groupon class

Groupon is full of off-the-wall date night ideas and discounted deals, especially when it comes to specialty classes. You can surprise your partner with a terrarium-making class, cooking demo or flight simulation, though deals vary by local area.

2 /11: Wall art

2/11 :Wall art

A sweet and simple print that says it all. (Uncommon Goods, $30)

3 /11: HBO GO subscription

3/11 :HBO GO subscription

Because the couple who watches GoT together, stays together. (HBO, $15)

4 /11: Anniversary journal

4/11 :Anniversary journal

This anniversary keepsake book is pretty badass -- and worth the splurge. It features every New York Times front page from the date you got married. (Uncommon Goods, $100)

5 /11: Wooden watch

5/11 :Wooden watch

For the leading man or lady in your life, it doesn't get any cooler or quirkier than this. (Etsy, $69)

6 /11: Paint by number

6/11 :Paint by number

Painting by number isn't just for kids. Pair this gorgeous Thomas Kincaid scene with a nice bottle of wine and a home-cooked dinner, and you've got yourself an anniversary night in. (Amazon, $17)

7 /11: Kindle Fire

7/11 :Kindle Fire

Paper books are classic, but the Kindle Fire is really, really cheap these days. (Amazon, $50)

8 /11: Funny mug

8/11 :Funny mug

If you fall within the 33 percent of marriages that started from online dating, this is the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift. (Etsy, $16)

9 /11: Graze subscription box

9/11 :Graze subscription box

Give 'em something to look forward to all year long -- a monthly snack subscription box. And who doesn't like snacks? (Graze, $11.99 each)

10 /11: 'Things I'd Do (But Just for You)' book

10/11 :'Things I'd Do (But Just for You)' book

This illustrated book about really liking someone, by cartoonist Jack Sjogren, is almost too cute for words. (Amazon, $10)

Updated Oct. 2016.

11 /11: The top 10 anniversary gifts that aren't even a little chees

Image: SheKnows

11/11 :The top 10 anniversary gifts that aren't even a little chees