26 Celeb Quotes That're a Little Sappy, but Totally Endearing

by Catherine Conelly
Aug 8, 2017 at 7:10 p.m. ET

In today's age of celeb gossip, it seems like bad new is always taking center stage. Celebrities are always beefing, whether it's in an actual court of law or just your average everyday Twitter war. And don't even get us started about all the tragic divorces that get dragged through the media. Yes, the public loves a juicy celebrity feud so much that Ryan Murphy and FX even made a series about it (and Feud, the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford was pretty fantastic, might we add).

But despite all our fascination with beefs, we like to believe that we are all romantics at heart and love it when celebs are gushing over each other just as much as when they are fighting. That's why we're all about these real quotes from some of our favorite famous people.

If you don't melt reading these sappy celeb couple quotes, we can't be friends.

Originally published July 2016. Updated August 2017.

1 /27: Russell Wilson

1/27 :Russell Wilson

Who said quarterbacks couldn't be emotional?

2 /27: Mila Kunis

2/27 :Mila Kunis

... and it all started way back when on That 70s Show

3/27 :Tom Hanks

Way to give credit where is credit is due.

4/27 :Beyoncé

Gosh, we hope so. You've been messing with our heads lately, Bey!

5 /27: Chris Pratt

5/27 :Chris Pratt

We are devastated that these two are breaking up.

6 /27: Kanye West

6/27 :Kanye West

Kanye is famous for saying totally cute (sometimes confusing) things about Kim.

7 /27: Portia de Rossi

7/27 :Portia de Rossi

Can't get enough of these two!

8 /27: Angelina Jolie

8/27 :Angelina Jolie

Brangelina, forever in our hearts.

9 /27: Justin Timberlake

9/27 :Justin Timberlake

This one comes courtesy of a cute caption JT posted on Instagram.

10 /27: Justin Timberlake

10/27 :Justin Timberlake

Well said JT, well said.

11 /27: Justin Timberlake

11/27 :Justin Timberlake

... and he said this when they were broken up.

12 /27: Hugh Jackman

12/27 :Hugh Jackman

Well said.

13 /27: David Beckham

13/27 :David Beckham

That's one way to say "forever."

14 /27: Chris Pratt

14/27 :Chris Pratt

They really are so freaking cute. Does it have to be over?

15 /27: Chris Pratt

15/27 :Chris Pratt


16 /27: Matthew McConaughey

16/27 :Matthew McConaughey

Sometimes you just know.

17 /27: Blake Shelton

17/27 :Blake Shelton

Talk about a couple who took the paparazzi by storm.

18 /27: Blake Lively

18/27 :Blake Lively

Some of the best relationships may be rooted in friendship after all.

19 /27: Ryan Reynolds

19/27 :Ryan Reynolds

Couldn't you just melt reading that?

20 /27: Channing Tatum

20/27 :Channing Tatum

It's romantic, in a very Channing Tatum kind of way.

21 /27: Skylar Astin

21/27 :Skylar Astin

The Pitch Perfect stars being all cute and in sync. Sigh.

22 /27: Skylar Astin

22/27 :Skylar Astin

Just in case you needed a little more.

23 /27: Nicole Kidman

23/27 :Nicole Kidman

And he's equally smitten with her. See next slide.

24 /27: Keith Urban

24/27 :Keith Urban

Maybe love is a little magical... Too cheesy?

25 /27: Keith Urban

25/27 :Keith Urban

Being a songwriter and all, he's not bad with the whole "speak your feelings" thing.

26 /27: Kristen Bell

26/27 :Kristen Bell

This is the smartest quote of them all. 

27 /27: Couple quotes

27/27 :Couple quotes

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